Temples of the Four Winds

The Temples of the Four Winds is the home of the priests and priestesses who serve the Will of Heaven. They represent the faith of the One Truth, the Two Sovereigns, the Three Princes, the Four Dukes, the Five Ministers, the Six Sages, the Seven Star Lords, the Eight Immortals, the Nine Dragons, and the Ten Thousand Ancestors. They serve King and beggar alike in their roles as intermediaries of the heavens. Many think that all members of the Four Winds are priests, when in fact they have many guards, diplomats, librarians, artists, and members from all walks of life united by their belief in the Will of Heaven.

Image: A kindly priest with mysterious powers and a deep understanding of the world unseen

Trigram: Wind

Founding: Early Spring Dynasty

Founder: The Broken Sage. The Temples of the Four Winds may be one of the most ancient sects, with roots going all the way back to the early Spring Kings. The Broken Sage at that time was a young boy given to exploring the mountain ranges near his home. It was said he could climb like a spider, and had no fear of the lofty heights into which he roamed. It was during one of these explorations he came upon an ancient Yu palace. He was drawn to it and he discovered an ancient chamber that held an even more ancient book. He knew the book was special and resolved to bring it with him. The book was large and cumbersome, and it made the climb down difficult. Just before he reached the end he slipped and fell a good distance, crushing his legs in the fall. When he recovered, he was devastated to learn he’d never walk, yet alone climb again. With little to do in his invalid state he began to study the book that had cost him so much. Despite not knowing the language he began to decipher the symbols and learned it was called the Book of Transformations. The more he studied it, the more wisdom poured forth. He began to write down the things he was learning about the universe, the gods, the wheel of fate and reincarnation. It is said he penned more than a thousand scrolls in his lifetime. He learned great mysteries, and how to move objects with only his Chi, other were drawn to his power and wisdom and he taught anyone sincere enough to serve the Will of Heaven.

Leadership: As per its namesake there are four great temples each with its own patriarch, and each differs in its interpretation of the Will of Heaven. The oldest and largest is the Temple of the East Wind in Suanni which is the seat of orthodoxy amongst the faithful, it holds both the Book of Transformations and the Thousand Scrolls of the Broken Sage. The Temple of the South Wind in Bi’an is the richest and most worldly and influential. The Temple of the West Wind is in Bixi and the most scholarly and philosophical. The Temple of the North Wind near Chaofeng is the most reclusive and radical.

Head-Quarters: The headquarters of the Four Winds is the Temple of the East Wind whose patriarch is recognized as the head of the Order. While the different temples may argue over what the Will of Heaven is, they will all obey the Patriarch of the East.

Relics: The Temple of the Four Winds most important relic is the Book of Transformations, followed shortly by the Thousand Scrolls of the Broken Sage. Before the Darkening, the Temple of the East Wind held all Three of the Relics of Creation (the Celestial Brush, Infinite Scroll, and the Stone of the Void). These were lost however during the upheaval. The Four Winds knows that the Society of Secret Fire has the brush, but they do not know where the other two are and fear they may be in nefarious hands.

Virtues: Righteousness & Honor

Fortune: Servant of Heaven. The power of faith is strong and can sometimes be used to overcome compulsions and temptations that try to lead the faithful astray. Followers of the Four Winds may spend joss to temporarily ignore conditions that force them to act against the Will of Heaven. One point will ignore a trivial condition, two points for a minor one, and three for major for the duration of one scene.

Specialization: The faithful of the Four Winds cultivates an understanding that goes far beyond simple physical perception. Followers receive a free wu wei specialization.

Internal Kung-Fu: Taiyi Mind (Removing Concepts)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Wind Chasing Palms (Destiny Cloud Fist)
    Harmony Towards all Things.
    If you’re in the Wind Chasing Palms stance and use The Instant Now, the bonus is +15 instead and if you’re in the Wind Chasing Palms stance and use The Force of Lightness, you have a +5 Strike bonus to the primary attack. This bonus is granted by this Lore Sheet Secret, so it stacks with kung fu
  • Great River Style (Flowing Universe)
    Waves Without Origin Or End.
    If you’re in the Great River Style stance and use Spontaneous Effort, you may perform two minor actions based on a single die each and if you’re in the Great River Style stance and use Impassive Existence, you may extend that technique for one Chi each additional round
  • Way of Yielding (Subtle Force)
    Revealing the Universe.
    If you’re in the Way of Yielding stance and use Yielding to Adversity, you may choose two dice that you keep and reroll the others and if you’re in the Way of Yielding stance and use Calm Heart Skill, the bonus applies to both Awareness and Wu Wei, and the technique has round-long duration.

Secret Technique: All is One. A follower of the Four Winds may add the ranged tag to unarmed attacks.



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