• BI’AN, The City of Gates
  • QIUNIU, The City of Songs
  • CHIWEN, The City of Heaven


  • Dragon Marsh- The Dragon Marsh has become most famous for being the home of the largest, most powerful bandits in the kingdom, known simply as the Dragon Marsh Gang. Their headquarters (which has become a small town unto itself) is located in the remote center of the marsh although they maintain numerous hideouts and weapon cashes throughout the swamps. Although the outlaws are numerous the marsh is vast and much of it unexplored, there is said to be a massive serpent that dwells somewhere deep within larger than any dragon and as old as the land itself. Large roving bands of hungry-dead are said to still hunt within its dark and dangerous interior.
  • Shadow Falls- This is where the Great River feeds into the Phoenix Lake and ultimately plummets into the lowlands near the city of Bi’an. It takes its name from the citizens there who spend the majority of each day beneath the shadow of its massive cliffs cast over the city. Deep in the caverns that run through the cliffs is said to be the Ghost Market where anything imaginable can be bought or traded for.
  • Phoenix Lake- On the shores of Phoenix Lake is the beautiful city of songs, Qiuniu. The Tannka boat people lay claim to much of the shoreline there, and their many boats form a small village unto itself. Phoenix Island is where the queens of old retired as their husbands died and their sons became kings, now the Phoenix Academy occupies the old palace where the Sister of Phoenix Lake train young women.
  • King’s Vault- Long ago the last of the Spring Kings fled here to escape the marauding dragon of Bixi. He and his entire court disappeared into the vaults long hidden there never to return. There location and the fate of the king remain a mystery to this day.
  • Nine Dragon’s Bridge- This is the only bridge over the might Great River, and takes its name from the nine sets of great pillars supporting it over the treacherous current- each named for one of the great cities. It lies upon the road connecting the great cities of Chiwen and Baxia.
  • Isle of the Vermillion Bird- This small isle is home to one of the Five Great Beasts, the Vermilion Bird. It has remained unoccupied for most of its history although recently it has become home to pirates driven out of the Dragon Marsh by the bandits there.


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