Sisters of Phoenix Lake

The Sisters of Phoenix Lake are an all female sect dedicated to protecting young girls and elevating the status of women in a predominantly misogynistic society. They take in the many young girls left abandoned by families wanting a boy child or women abandoned or victimized, and provide for them an education and a chance to make whatever they choose for themselves. The sisters do not eschew traditional women’s roles, but rather seek to elevate them and give women a powerful voice in their own future, and the future of the kingdom. Many of the Sisters of Phoenix Lake are sought after as courtesans and wives, for they are full of beauty, grace, and refinement. They are also deadly. All sisters are trained so as to never be a victim again. They are schooled in the martial arts, and their deadly “Siren’s Song” internal style makes them deceptive opponents. The Sisters of Phoenix Lake are powerful political manipulators, and their voices whisper in the ear of many who hold power. While the sisters may seem demure, or no more than a pretty face, they pull the strings of many who foolishly think that it is they who are in charge.

Image: A beautiful courtesan of impeccable grace and poise, who eyes and ears perceive much, and who hides much more than her sexuality beneath the folds of her robe.

Trigram: Lake

Founding: Late Autumn Dynasty

Founder: The Silent Lady. There was a minor Xia noble who had a daughter whose beauty was beyond compare, the inspiration of poets and artists alike, no where in the kingdom was there any to compare. Suitors by the dozens came to the noble’s manor seeking her hand- but she refused to speak to any of them. She would only smile, or nod her head, or give but the barest inclination she was interested. Her father doted on his lovely daughter, but feared no one would wed her upon learning she was born mute. He announced that he would give her hand to the suitor who provided a gift so splendid, that she would be moved to at last speak- knowing of course she couldn’t, but at the very least would be well provided for. Suitors came bearing gold, silks, art, and other fine treasures, but of course she did not say a word. She would meet with these suitors, taking long walks, or carriage rides, and there was much she’d learn to convey with a simple wave of the hand, or nod of the head. All of them would leave frustrated and disappointed. Until at last, a stranger appeared, not very handsome and seeming to bear nothing in the way of gifts, he persisted until at last the father relented and allowed him to meet with his daughter. He simply whispered in her ear, she hesitated, and then smiled, at last nodded her head in some silent agreement. She would take many walks with the stranger after that, no longer entertaining any other suitor, and they seem to have little trouble communicating with each other despite her handicap. A year later the father announced that his daughter had made her choice, and many gathered at her fathers house in the late autumn to hear who had finally moved her to speak. When the time came for her to make her choice, even her father did not know what she had in store. As everyone waited for to speak she suddenly launched herself high into the air over her fathers garden, two short blades suddenly appearing in her hands and with blinding speed they began to dance through the air. She floated on the air as light as the Autumn leaves which fell all around, and when she landed the onlookers were amazed and confused at her display. Until they looked more closely at the fallen leaves, in each of them the strangers name was clearly cut- in more than a hundred separate leaves. He’d given her the greatest gift, his kung-fu. She gave her father all the other accumulated gifts, making him a very wealthy man- and set off on a life of adventure in the wulin.

Leadership: In the time of the Autumn Kings, the Queen was the symbolic head of the sect. It was one such queen that gifted the sect with a portion of the Phoenix Palace, which they made into a great academy where they would train young girls. The Winter Queens have shown no interest in the sisters, but neither have they interfered with them. The sect is now ruled by the Mother Phoenix in Qiuniu.

Head-Quarters: The headquarters of the sisters is the Phoenix Academy in Qiuniu

Relics: Whatever relics the sisters may possess, they keep them secret.

Virtues: Benevolence & Loyalty

Fortune: Pillow Talk . The Sisters of Phoenix Lake are privy to much secret knowledge, all of which finds its way to the Phoenix Academy. A sister may spend joss to find out secret information about people. Each point of joss reveals want important fact that the person concerned wants to keep secret.

Specialization: The Phoenix Academy teaches girls to use their beauty and cleverness to overcome obstacles. Each Sister of Phoenix Lake receives a free inspire specialization.

Internal Kung-Fu: Siren’s Song (Fox-Spirit Song)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Phoenix’ Dance (Flying Silk)
    Phoenix under the Dragon Shadow
    If you’re in the Phoenix’ Dance stance and use Flicking Tail Lashings after your opponent rolled his defense, you can also use one other internal or formless kung fu technique of second level or lower at that moment and if you’re in the Phoenix’ Dance stance and use One-Tail-amongst-Nine-Dance after the opponent rolled his defense, you can also use one other internal or formless kung fu technique of fourth level or lower at that moment.
  • Great River Style (Flowing Universe)
    Splendor of the Silver Empress
    If you’re in the Great River Style stance and use Songs of Mystery, all Extraordinary Techniques that require the flooding of dice are affected, not just those of the Warrior’s Arts and if you’re in the Great River Style stance and use Hidden Teeth, your attack may use either Perform or Inspire, whichever is higher. The defender’s default defense is either Confidence or Wu Wei, whichever is lower.
  • Grey-Crane Exercises (Graceful Crane Style)
    Dancing Phoenix
    If you’re in the Grey-Crane Exercises stance and use Laughing Face Under Smiling Mask, that technique has round-long duration and if you’re in the Grey-Crane Exercises stance and use Parting the Grass, you have a +15 bonus to Dodge Area attacks even if they are not selective.

Secret Technique: Widow’s Web. The Sisters of Phoenix Lake are taught to incorporate a woman’s often-cumbersome wardrobe into their fighting style. Using volumous sleeves, long sashes, and cloaks the sister add the flexible tag to any of their attacks excluding paired and ranged.



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