• BAXIA, City of Scrolls
  • PULAO, City of Bells


  • Forest of the Azure Serpent- This thick bamboo forest is home to the great Azure Serpent, one of the Five Great Beasts. It has become a popular hideout for highwaymen ambushing travelers coming to or from Baxia.
  • Pale Gardens- This great forest is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous places in the land as it is overrun with hungry-ghosts who still seek the broken Yellow Gates. From time to time powerful revenants arise there to whip them into a frenzy and drive them outward against the living. The Ghost-Eaters are known to dwell their and perform their profane rites.
  • Red Cliffs- These steep hills often possess deep deposits of red clay said to be the blood of the dragon of Bixi who was slain there by the Red Monk. It is considered to be sacred by the monks of the Red Monastery, and there are many shrines and grottos dedicated to the Blind Monk and set aside for the training of young monks.
  • Tethered Rock- One of the three great magical wonders of the Spring Kings, it is a great floating mountain chained to the surrounding cliffs. On it sits the great Red Monastery, home of the monks of the Vermillion Hand, their initiates can be seen running up and down the lengths of the great chains using their light foot skills.
  • Jade Isle- the Jade Isle is shrouded in mists and mystery and is said to be the final refuge of the Yu, the ancient jade-immortals who were the first people to live in the lands of Yin-Jin. Most who journey here seeking their ancient wisdom return with nothing, and some never return at all.


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