Yazi is in the north west and sits at the midpoint of the great Silk Wall, guarding its only gates. Known as the ‘city of swords’, it has always had a large military presence, it is home to no less than three of the twelve Dragon Legions. In addition to its home legion, it has the 11th legion which is stationed along the length of the Silk Wall, and the 12th legion that is a cavalry-only legion capable of deploying almost anywhere in the kingdom within a few days. In addition, three of the largest Thunder Guard agencies also call Yazi home. At times, it can seem a bit more like an armed encampment than a city, but if you are a dealer in arms or horses it can be a gold mine.

Duke: The duke of Yazi as from an old and respected line of Qiu nobility, and well know to be a brilliant strategist and shrewd judge of character. He has little love for the queen but takes the defense of the kingdom very seriously.

Sites: The Silk Wall is far an away the cities most famous attraction, it is even used as a north/south road with a special writ from the duke. Thunder Manor is the home of the descendants of the Pale Captain and still serves as the headquarters of his banner, great heroes can be seen coming and going at all hours. The tomb of Sun-Yu is also in the city, his stratagems have been inscribed into its walls.

Wulin: The Thunder Guard of course is the largest sect in Yazi, and Thunder Manor is the defacto hub of the wulin. There are many members of the Still Waters Alliance in the city as well travelling back and forth through the West Gate. There are members of the Yellow Earth, as well a few representatives of the others sects present, Heaven’s Oath is particularly drawn to the famous sword-smiths of the region.

Guild: The Guild operate normally in the city, the Black Pagoda here, in particular, trains exorcists to accompany the Dragon Legions to help deal with the dead.

Specialization: All citizens of Yazi are drilled on a regular basis to serve as armed militia in time of need, and is a requirement of all able bodied men and women. The strict military culture of the city means a lot of exposure to strategy and the arts of war. Characters from Yazi receive a free tactics specialization.


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