Despite the many dangers, there are always those people who are drawn to the road. For some it is a restlessness that drives them to wander, others are running- running from the law, from enemies, even from themselves. Wanderers cultivate a keen understanding and awareness of their environment, for often their lives depend on it. They know best how to make advantageous use of terrain, where and when to rest, what to eat and what not to. An experienced wanderer can be left to fend for himself on the road, and emerge days, even weeks later, no worse for wear.

Secret Arts: Secret Arts of Survival. The wanderer uses his secret arts to create conditions that aid him and his allies, or penalize his enemies. These can be simple as choosing the ground upon which to fight, or as complicated as hidden traps and hazards.

Focus on Breath: Survival
Skill Set: Survival vs. Awareness


  • Great Works: Create +10/-10 modifiers
  • Quick Works: Use secret arts in combat
  • Subtle Works: Use secret arts in secret

Extraordinary Techniques: Havens

  • Haven for Animals: The wanderer has an aptitude for animals, in his travels he has befriended an animal companion equal to a minion of his rank.


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