Vagabonds live by slipping through the cracks in society, and making the most of what others cast aside. A vagabond lives by his wits and his nerve, and knowing when to stand his ground and when to disappear. Some vagabonds were born to their lot in life, while others find the rigid structure of Yin-Jin society too constraining, and while many are happy-go-lucky with their lifestyle, just as many are cruel and bitter.

Secret Arts: The Secret Art of Stealth. The vagabond uses his secret art to create concealments to fool others, whether it’s hiding a weapon, making a disguise, or masking his intentions.

Focus on Breath: Stealth
Skill Set: Stealth vs. Awareness


  • Great Works: Create +10/-10 modifiers
  • Quick Works: Use Secret arts in combat
  • Subtle Works: A vagabonds secret arts are always subtle

Extraordinary Techniques: Deceptions


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