Undead Beastiary


  • Hungry Dead: Jiang Shi The hungry dead are the corpses of the recently deceased reanimated by the hungry ‘Po’. The process usually takes less than an hour, but exact times vary. Once reanimated, the eyes of the corpse turn white while the teeth and nails turn black. The hungry ghost has only one drive, to feed on human flesh. The hungry ghost does not rot, nor does it suffer from any form of deprivation, and can wander the wilderness in perpetuity. The hungry ghost is faster, stronger, and more resilient than it was in life and is drawn by some instinctual need, to others of its kind. In the years just after the Breaking of the Wheel, hordes of them roamed the countryside numbering in the thousands. Now they rarely number more than a few dozen, but can still be very dangerous for travelers.

Jian Shi are immune to secret arts effects. All Jiangshi can leap two zones with a single action

Child Lake: 6, Ripples: 6, +5 Speed

Adult Lake: 7, Ripples: 7, +5 Strike/Damage

Corpulent Lake: 8, Ripples: 8, +5 Damage, +10 Toughness


  • Lost Souls: You Ling Lost souls are the incorporeal ‘Hun’ of the recently deceased. They are formless and invisible, and drawn to the people and things that were important to them in life. They have very little ability to affect the living world unless they have powerful chi. A lost soul has seven days to reach the underworld before it goes mad and becomes one of the unquiet dead.

Lost Souls have all of their attributes they possessed in life, they cannot recover chi normally, but can receive chi from others, to effect the living world they must spend Chi.

  • Cause their voice to be heard as a ghostly whisper (1Chi)
  • Appear as a shadowy apparition (2 Chi)
  • Create frightening poltergeist effects (3 Chi)
  • Possess a willing host (4 Chi)
  • Manifest physically (5 Chi)

All effects last for the duration of one scene. All chi costs are doubled in daylight.


  • Damned Souls: When a spirit lingers too long in the living realm it will go mad. An unquiet spirit will now seek to destroy and harm all that it once loved or held sacred. Many of those in mourning want desperately to speak to the lost souls of the departed, and yet the priests and exorcists warn against just such congress. For to delay the spirit on its journey is to invite disaster for those very same mourners.

In addition to the powers of the Lost Souls, an Damned Soul can recover chi by harming people, places, and things they cared for in life. The Damned Soul recovers chi by rank and can focus on breath to increase it.

  • Destroy a once treasured object
  • Damage a place important to the soul in life
  • Harm a person the soul once cared about


  • Revenants: Revenants are the most dangerous form of undead. A revenant is created when a powerful spirit rejoins with its reanimated corpse and becomes something unholy. A revenant can only be created if the hungry ghost (corpse) still remains, and the lost soul has not yet gone insane. As the two fuse together, all chivalrous virtues are destroyed and the creature lives only through it selfish needs. The newly created revenant is a physical creature with all of the attributes it had in life. A revenant, while corrupt and selfish, is a free willed creature capable of carrying out long range goals and complex schemes.

A Revenant is an earthbound demon, each one is unique with a variety of different powers, in addition to the abilities it possessed in life. The revenant is now a fully physical creature.


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