East Chamber Eunuchs
(Lore Sheet)

A eunuch tradition has existed in the Heavenly Spire since the time of the Summer Kings. The eunuchs are divided into the West Chamber, which run and oversee the physical operation of the spire itself, and the East Chamber, which deals with the rest of the kingdom and the security of the throne. The East Chamber pays particular attention to the wulin, and threats that may arise from its many secret societies. While true Eunuchs are at the heart of the East Chamber, most of its agents outside the spire are not. The Eunuchs are in the habit of adopting unwanted children and raising them to fanatically serve the East Chamber. Rarely, will anyone know they have encountered an East Chamber agent, for they are masters at disguising themselves as members of more orthodox sects. The East Chamber is ruthless when it comes to protecting the throne, and their methods often include kidnaping, and torture for information. The East Chamber cares not who sits on the throne, and in fact the Winter Queens seem indifferent to their efforts, but care only about the security of the kingdom.

Image: A secret agent disguised as a member of another sect- but always from a distant city, gathering information and sending coded messages back to the Spire.

Trigram: Heaven

Founding: Early Summer Dynasty

Founder: It was sometime during the early Summer Kings that a question of paternity became a question of succession. The Summer King that followed ruled that no male could remain in the Spire after nightfall. This created numerous difficulties in the running of the Spire itself. One man came forward to offer his assistance, he’d been injured in a horse riding accident and could no longer have children, and so the Summer King allowed him to remain. This man’s importance rose prodigiously, and other similarly ‘injured’ men came forth- most of whom had simply castrated themselves. These eunuchs quickly became a powerful force as they determined what messages the king received and who could see him in person. A few generations later the eunuchs of the Heavenly Spire were an institution unto themselves. Any man could sacrifice his legacy, and after maiming, join the ranks of the Two Chambers. The eunuchs are a ruthlessly practical sect, they know that their own lofty rank is wholly dependent on who sits on the throne, and as long as who wears the crown values them, they will do whatever it takes to keep them there.

Leadership: The leadership of the East Chamber lies with the Eunuchs of the Heavenly Spire, It is said they are rule by a council of five representing the cardinal directions, plus a center who is considered first among equals.

Head-Quarters: The headquarters of the East Chamber lie in secret rooms deep inside the Heavenly Spire.

Relics: With their access to the imperial vaults, there is no limit to the kinds of weapons the East Chamber can get its hands on.

Virtues: Ruthlessness & Loyalty

Fortune: On My Authority. Agents of the East Chamber typically operate alone, but there are times when they need assistance to complete their mission. Using writs and seals from the Spire itself, the agent can spend joss to commandeer local troops authorities and assume their command granting troops equal to one less than the agents rank. Each point of joss grants one unit.

Specialization: An agent of the East Chamber is taught to disguise themselves in the wulin perfectly, each agent receives a perform specialty related to disguise

Internal Kung-Fu: The East Chamber has no internal kung-fu of their own, but they have infiltrated most wulin sects and stolen some of their arts. An East Chamber agent starts with any internal art up to level three. They may return to the Spire and learn other arts, but are limited to level three unless they find a teacher in the wulin to teach them more.

External Kung-Fu:

  • Frozen Shadow Step (Murderous Shadows)
    Liquid Slithering Darkness
    • The Toughness bonus of your Frozen Shadow Step stance increases to +5
    • When in the Frozen Shadow Step stance, your Strike bonus increases to +15.
  • No-Shadow Blade (Shadow-Catching)
    Inevitable Death Sentence
    • When in the Shadow Catching stance, you never fear the style of anybody with a lower initiative than you – even if they use a weapon, technique or ability that says you should.
    • If you are in the Shadow Catching stance and your initiative is higher than the target of your attack, this style’s Damage bonus increases to +10.

Secret Technique: In a Pinch. An agent of the East Chamber may choose one common object as an improvised weapon with one additional tag.


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