Suanni is likely to oldest city in all of Yin-Jin, and was once the capital of the ancient Kings of Spring. The city now lies partly in ruin, with large portions of it uninhabited and being slowly absorbed back into the forest which surrounds it. Much of the cities inhabitants are occupied by the great Temple of the East Wind which dominates its center. The temple complex being the ancient palace of the Spring Kings. Suanni is also home to the few remaining Chunren clans, who mostly make their homes on the outskirts or in the forest proper. The city lies far from any trade route or river and so lies off the beaten path of the day to day workings of the kingdom, few who travel there do so almost exclusively as a pilgrimage or some business with the temple.

Duke: The ruler of Suanni is an obese Xia nobleman whose primary concerns are wine and women, but who does make sure the Winter Queen receives her taxes. Most of the day to day running of the city is handled by the temple and its patriarch.

Sites: The Temple of the East Wind is considered the most holy site in all of Yin-Jin, it is home to the powerful Patriarch of the East Wind who holds in his possession both the Book of Transformations, and the Thousand Scrolls of the Broken Monk. There are also hundreds of ancient statues to the gods all over the city and into the forest beyond.

Wulin: The followers of the Four Winds dominate the wulin here. There are Yellow Earth sect members as well as many Heavens Oath individuals who often come on pilgrimage. There is no permanent Thunder Guard post although there is a temporary one. There are persistent rumors of Followers of Fuxi hidden in the city studying the ancient ruins for lost magics,

Guild: Suanni is the only one of the Eight Cities without a Guild presence, so there is no Ghost-Beacon and no Yellow Pool, the priests tend to the dead and the unquiet spirits themselves.

Specialization: Suanni is a powerfully spiritual place full of ancient wisdom and ancient memory. There is a stillness here that many say can be found no where else in the land, it stirs the inner voice and often leads to introspection. Anyone raised in Suanni receives a free wu wei specialization.


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