The Spring Dynasty was a time of powerful sorcerers and miraculous feats of magic. Very little specific history survives to the present, and most stories of that time are the stuff of myths and legends. Three wonders survive from that era as proof of their mystical power. The first is the Heavenly Spire, a tower so high its summit has never been seen, fading into the sky impossibly high above. Inside, its winding passages and endless stairs wander upward for eternity, seeming to have no top at all. Today it serves as the palace of the Autumn Emperor, who use its endless interior to house an entire army and household staff equally large. The second wonder of that age is the Tethered Rock. No one knows its original purpose, but it seems as though the sorcerers of that time took an entire mountain and ripped it from the earth, turned it upside down, and hung it in the sky. It still floats there today, tethered by massive chains to the surrounding mountains to keep it from drifting. The great monastery of the Red Monks sits upon it today, its warrior monks can be seen using their great skill to run along the lengths of chain that bind it to the earth. The third wonder are the Nine Dragon Cities they built, each one crafted with geomantic perfection with the bound spirit of a dragon bringing it to life. The great FengShui masters can even use their craft to shape the cities themselves, bringing them fortune and prosperity, moving whole streets and buildings by their skill alone. While much of this craft has been lost, enough remains to use the cities inherent geomancy to great effect by the royal Fengshi. Unfortunately, the Chunren seemed to have inherited some latent aspect of the Shangs infertility, as their numbers too began to wane after many centuries. They too solved this dilemma by welcoming a new influx of people. They were called the Tannka, and they were a boat people fleeing a catastrophe in their native land, and arrived in Ming-Jin in great numbers. The Tannka were a vibrant and energetic people that brought new life to the waning Chunren, soon a new race emerged from the merger of these two peoples calling themselves the Xiaren, or “summer people”. The only thing lacking among the Xia was the inherent magic of the Chun. Afew of the Chunren chose to keep their bloodline pure and their magic powerful, they withdrew from the land and went to dwell among the mountains of their Shang ancestors.


Fuxi was the youngest son of the Duke of Baxia, he watches his older brother take his fathers place and many of his other brothers assume other titles and responsibilities. He felt he had so little, and yet was capable of so much, while his boorish brothers seemed to have everything. Little is known of the details, but the story still told tells that he murdered his brothers while laying the blame on others, until at last he was Duke of Baxia. Yet Fuxi’s ambition was limitless. The emperor has just passed away leaving only a child as heir, with no empress to act as dowager, tradition dictated that one of the dukes would act as regent until the child came of age. Once again with duplicity, blackmail, and murder, all concealed behind a veil of magic, Fuxi became regent to the throne. Fuxi was as unpopular as he was cruel while he sat on the throne, and the young emperor, only fifteen and still not of age was moved to act. He publically denounced Fuxi and unified the other dukes against him. Fuxi was driven out of the capital and all the way back to Baxia. They laid siege to him and their was little hope he could hold out against so many. From the parapets of his walls he screamed that he would be more than an emperor, and that he would instead make himself into a god! He was already the most powerful sorcerer of his time, and he used his powerful magics to break the enchantment on the city and free the dragon living within. The process destroyed the city in its entirety and killed most of the people living within, the dragon was free and Fuxi attempted to bind it to his will. Unfortunately it only drove both irrevocably mad. The last that was seen of Fuxi was as he leapt from the walls of the city burning, but nothing was left to hit the ground but ashes. The dragon tore through the countryside decimating everywhere he went. Even the young emperor and his army were unable to stop it, and the last Spring Emperor died at its hands. It was only the intervention of a brave band of Xia heroes that the dragon was at last defeated. Afterwards they would crown the first Summer Emperor.


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