Society of the Secret Fire

A secret society among the scholars and literati in Yin-Jin, it is dedicated to unearthing the secrets of the past and the preservation of knowledge and antiquity.
They operate in secret because it is well known they desire to see a return to Xia rule, and the golden age of Ming-Jin. They use a complicated system of signs and symbols to communicate and recognize one another, and they can communicate much with how they dress, the simple wave of a fan, or messages hidden in messages. The society works hard to uncover secrets, and works equally hard in keeping them.

Image: A seemingly harmless scholar wielding unexpected objects as weapons and full of secrets and lost knowledge.

Trigram: Fire

Founding: Early Autumn Dynasty

Founder: The Laughing Scholar. The Laughing Scholar was a simple scribe in the great library of Bixi when the Autumn King began the Burning of Books. To preserve their knowledge the scholars of the great library decided to collapse their great library and bury their knowledge rather than see it burn. Many, including the Laughing Scholar, chose to be buried with it rather than be slaughtered by the Autumn Kings decree. When the charges exploded and the walls came tumbling down, the Laughing Scholar expected to die like everyone else, but he lived. When he awoke he was the only survivor, but buried deep underground with the rest of the library. He spent decades living off rats and tunneling through the dirt, connecting the portions of the library that remained unburied. One day, quite unexpectedly he tunneled his way out. He would have turned around and sealed it back up, except he was come upon by a group of wanna-be scholars digging there. They befriended him and he showed them the way deep into the great library. They were astonished by what he showed them, and began a secret society of learned men who met there and studied the ancient Xia books. The Laughing Scholar himself was quite mad by this time, but possessed of a treasure-trove of knowledge. The young scholars swore an oath to each other they would forever preserve the bright flame of learning, as the Laughing Scholar had done.

Leadership: The Society of the Secret Fire is among the most egalitarian of the wulin sects. All decisions are made by majority vote amongst the veteran members. Champions receive one vote, Masters receive three, and Grandmasters five. The Grandmasters have a special veto power if three of them agree. The downfall of such a system is that it can take the Society a frustratingly long time to act as members give speeches and lobby one another.

Head-Quarters: The headquarters of the sect is the Inverted Tower in Baxia, long buried by the Autumn Kings, and now a maze of passages and tunnels full of the lost knowledge of the Xia.

Relics: The Society probably has more relics than any other sect, although most collect dust in hidden chambers of the Inverted Tower. What is well known is that the Society has the Celestial Brush, one of the three great relics of creation (the others being the Infinite Scroll, and the Stone of the Void). It is said the brush has the power to reshape the world and can only be used by a unanimous vote of the grandmasters.

Virtues: Righteousness & Honor

Fortune: Wealth of Knowledge. Society members have access to great treasure troves of knowledge. Members may spend joss to access books that will give him or her temporary access to skills or improve existing ones. Each point of joss is a +5 skill that cannot go above normal max usable for a number of scenes equal to the joss spent.

Specialization: As literati members may choose any learning specialization for free.

Internal Kung-Fu: Celestial Fire (Heaven’s Lightning)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Grey Crane Exercises (Graceful Crane Stance)
    Sky Scorching Flight
    When using Travelling the Instant Path you also get a +10 bonus to cover ground, and when using Holding Yin and Yang you may apply the bonus to dodge and toughness instead.
  • Infinite Brush Strokes (Divine Pattern Long Strokes)
    Edict of Heaven
    You gain a +5 to any shock effect.
  • Four Monarch’s Skills (Eight Legends)
    Divine Thunder King Technique
    When generating any shock effect you receive a +5 to rippling rolls.

Secret Technique: “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Members of the society may wield an improvised weapon with an additional tag attached to it, ex. a flute wielded as a sword.



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