Long has there been a tradition of scholarship among the people of Yin-Jin, and especially among the Xia is learning held in high regard. Scholars study history, politics, arts, science, and even warfare. They use models of the past, together with theories put forth by experts in their field to make predictions about the outcome of events in their field of study. Scholars make invaluable advisors to men in high stations where their insight can be invaluable.

Secret Arts: The Secret Arts of Knowledge. The scholar uses his secret arts to make predictions about the outcome of an event related to one of their fields of study.

Focus on Breath: Learning
Skill Set: Learning, politics, or tactics vs. the same

•Great Works: Create +10/-10 modifiers
•Quick Works: Scholars arts are not usable in combat
•Subtle Works: Use secret arts in secret

Extraordinary Techniques: Theory’s


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