Red Mountain Brotherhood

The Red Mountain Brotherhood, or more commonly referred to as the Red Monks, are the followers of the philosophy known as the Path of Man as set down by their founder. From their monastery perched high upon the Tethered Rock, they roam the length and breadth of the kingdom as travelling mendicants, and there are few places they are not welcome. The Red Monks are widely regarded as the most skilled healers in the land. But the monks of the Red Mountain do more than just tend the ails of the body, they are also duty bound to see to the ails of their community. Each monk, upon graduation, dips his fists into the fiery cauldron of dragon’s blood which stains their hands forever red, and it is said- makes their fists strike like iron. The Red Monks are widely regarded as a force of good, and their benevolence has earned them great respect far beyond just the wulin. The way of the vermilion hand is arduous, but the monks turn away no one who wished to follow the Path.

Image: A crimson fisted monk wandering the wulin healing the sick, and dispatching the wicked.

Trigram: Mountain

Founding: Late Spring Dynasty

Founder: The Blind Monk. The founder of the Red Mountain Brotherhood was born far in the north to the Sherpa mountain folk. He was not born blind, but was the son of a priest of the Will of Heaven, and was widely expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. When he was still a boy, bandits attacked his village and his family was killed while he was taken as a slave. He could not understand why a man as holy as his father should have suffered such a fate, or why the gods did not hear his prayers. Worst still, he could plainly see that the bandits were thriving despite their wicked ways- it seemed to him nothing was as he was taught. His hard work and diligence under him a place in the bandit ranks and he became one, seeing no point in the so-called Will of Heaven. But on a raid he saw a young boy in tears, over the fallen body of his father, a priest. He realized he was staring into his own eyes as he watched the boy weep over his dying father. He suddenly understood that it is man that is responsible for man’s suffering, and only the will of man can he be lifted above it. He abandoned the bandits and rescued the boy. He rode high into the mountains trying to find some new purpose in life, and the boy, having no one else came with him. For twenty years he and the boy lived in a cave, where each day he rose and sunrise to stand at the top of the peak- staring into the sun for years until his eyes turned milky white. As his vision of the outer world dimmed, he searched deeper and deeper into his own inner world. The revelations he made were dutifully recorded by the boy and became known as the Red Sutras. In time, the boy began talking about the philosophy of his master in the surrounding villages, and people began to climb the high peak to speak to the Blind Monk. In time, he amassed a small following, but that would grow quickly after the corrupt sorcerer Fuxi released the dragon of Baxia and drove it mad. The young emperor, with an army behind him failed to stop the mad dragons rampage, it was the soothing voice of the Blind Monk that at last stayed the beast, and it was his merciful blow that ended the creatures suffering- and his fist were forever stained by its blood.

Leadership: The head of the Red Mountain Brotherhood is the Abbot of the Red Monastery on Tethered Rock. The Abbot is elected by the council of five elders named for the five sacred animals (tiger, serpent, tortoise, phoenix, and dragon), in turn new elders are appointed by the abbot.

Head-Quarters: The Red Monastery is the headquarters of the order located near the city of bells, Pulao. It is built upon the floating mountain called Tethered Rock, and is said to possess elaborate underground chambers were the monks are tested.

Relics: The greatest relic of the Red Monks is the Cauldron of Dragons, but it is not the cauldron itself that holds power, but rather it is the formula the monks use to extract the dragons blood from the Red Mountains, a secret known only to the abbot and the elders. The Red Sutras of the Blind Monk are a holy relic as well.

Virtues: Benevolence & Righteousness

Fortune: Welcome Anywhere. Red monks are welcome nearly anywhere they travel, and most are generous with helping them with their needs while they administer their healing to others. For each joss point spent the monk may provide for the needs of one person for a weeks time in a modest but comfortable place with all of their basic needs met.

Specialization: The monks of the Red Monastery are renown as the most skilled healers in the land and receive a free medicine specialization.

Internal Kung-Fu: The Vermillion Hand (Iron Body)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Four Monarch’s Skills (Eight Legends)
    Supreme Divine Accomplishments
    When using Fierce Dragon Breaks Bones you gain a +5 to strike, and when using Swaying Branches Surround the Willow you gain a +5 to toughness.
  • Wind Chasing Palms (Destiny Cloud Fist)
    Heaven Covered with Clouds
    When using Iron Power you may apply the bonus to dodge instead, and when using Eternal Temple God Armor you may extend the duration for free if you are using your light foot power.
  • Old Plough Hand (Blossom Harvest)
    Immortal Soul of Iron
    When using Jade Tiger Techniques the bonus to hardiness and might is +10, and when using Leading Ox Through the River you ignore 25 points of penalties.

Secret Technique: “The Vermillion Hand” After dipping their fists into the Dragon’s Cauldron their unarmed attacks gain the massive tag.



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