Qiuniu is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in all of Yin-Jin, It sits upon the shores of the beautiful Phoenix Lake and is the last stop for travelers coming down the Great River before it plunges over the great falls. The Duke ensures that every part of the city is well tended and its parks are lush and well manicured. Qiunui is famous for its theaters and many troupes perform here, and many travelling troupes winter here. Qiuniu is also famed for its craftsman, and in particular- woodworking. Furniture and musical instruments are much sought after here. The city is predominantly Xia, although there are plenty of Qiu and a mix of other races. The Tannka have a very large presence and their boats comprise a small town by themselves floating on the shores of the lake.

Duke: The proud Xia Duke of Qiuniu has a long standing feud with the Iron Duke of Bi’an. Many say it began as simple as a dispute over garbage sent over the falls and into Bi’an, others say it is an old Qiu/Xia rivalry. The Duke is very young, and some say insufferably arrogant.

Sites: On a separate island lies the Queen’s Palace where queen-mothers, or retired queens live out the rest of their days. Part of the Queens Palace hosts the Phoenix Academy that is the headquarters of the Phoenix Lake Sisters. The Garden of Heavenly Bliss is the largest park in any of the eight cities, and likely the most beautiful, it inspire artists and poets, while its intricate design conceal many illicit trysts.

Wulin: The most powerful sect in Qiuniu is the Phoenix Lake Sisters. The Yellow Earth has a large presence although they are at times driven out by the image conscious Duke. The Secret Fire have a calligraphy School here famous all over Yin-Jin. The Hundred Flowers have many brothels and illegal gambling dens, and the Dragon Marsh Gang operates several meeting places to help hide smuggled goods.

Guild: The Guild operate normally here and their Black Pagoda and Yellow Pool are blended perfectly into the picturesque Garden of Heavenly Bliss.

Specialization: Manners and decorum are a large part of life in Qiuniu, and even the lowliest peasant will affect an air of aristocracy at times. Qiuniu have many traditions and protocols that can seem very taxing to outsiders, but not observing the proper form will get you no where in Qiuniu. Natives of Qiuniu receive a free inspire specialization.


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