Built along a high plateau at the base of the Red Mountains, the holy city of Pulao is the center of the Path of Man faith in Yin-Jin. Nearby floats the Red Monastery upon the ancient Tethered Rock. The city takes its name from the many bells that ring from the many shrines to the Blind Monk. Even the deep tones of the bells at the Red Monastery can be heard. Many of the Sherpa mountain folk live in and around the city and their culture has influenced the cities development. Pulao is also the destination for many in Yin-Jin who are ill. The Red Monks are renown as the greatest healers, and their are many hospices and spas that cater to the needs of the infirm. The city is open and inviting to newcomers, and many consider it one of the friendliest cities in the kingdom.

Duke: The ruler of Pulao is from an old line of Qiuren appointed to rule the city since the time of the Autumn Kings. He is very old now and is attended by Red Monks constantly, many whisper he may be the oldest man in the land, but none can say for sure. It is well known that he is well over a century old.

Sites: Tethered Rock can be seen floating in the distant mountains from the city and the Red Monastery atop it. The Great Bell lies at the center of the city and is more than three-stories tall, it is said that its tone drives away all evil spirits within earshot.

Wulin: Obviously the wulin in Pulao is dominated by the Red Monks, and the Abbot always has a senior monk in the city. There are Yellow Earth sect members as there are in all cities and they are heavily allied with the monks. There are both scholars from the Secret Fire and ladies from Phoenix Lake studying medicine. There is a small post of Thunder Guard for city to protect travelers, although monks have been known to fill this role too. Of the unorthodox sects there are few. The Bleeding Dragon Cult has spies in both the city and the Red Monastery. There are always individuals of all sects visiting for healing conditions they cannot heal anywhere else. The Red Monks turn away no one.

Guild: The Guild have their standard Black Pagoda at the heart of the city but have an uneasy relationship with the monks. Many times an Exorcist has called for the cremation of a person, while the Red Monks still fight to save it.

Specialty: Anyone who has grown up in Pulao has likely been exposed to various healing techniques and can choose a free specialization for medicine.


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