Priests are the servants of the Will of Heaven and intercede on man’s behalf to the many gods and goddesses of Yin-Jin. They also perform many social ceremonies such as marriages and funerals. Priest’s are given great deference as many fear their ire, for it is well known that they can curse as well as bless.

Secret Arts: The Secret Arts of Wu Wei. Priests may use their secret arts to create blessings or curses, often invoking the names of the various gods and goddesses as they do so.

Focus on Breath: Wu Wei
Skill Set: Wu Wei vs. Wu Wei


  • Great Works: Create +10/-10 modifiers
  • Quick Works: Use secret arts in combat
  • Subtle Works: Use secret arts in secret

Extraordinary Techniques: Fortunes

  • Fortune of Zhong Kui: The character is an exorcist, dedicated to protecting the world of the living from the creatures of the yin realm. He may apply is curses as an area effect against the undead.


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