The Winter Dynasty has proven to be very different from the dynasties that preceded it. The Dukes of the Eight Cities have achieved a level of autonomy, previously undreamt of. While the Winter Queen remains sequestered in the Heavenly Spire, the Dukes have gone so far as to wage war with one another. The recent battle between the cities of Bi’an and Qiuniu have proven just how disastrous such an event can be. While the queen did nothing to halt the hostilities, the two cities amassed their forces, bolstered by her own Dragon Legions, and assembled on the shores of the Phoenix Lake. The battle was short, but bloody, and no one was certain as to the victor. But when the smoke cleared, and the dead began to twitch… the Guild of Exorcists walked off the battlefield, leaving both armies to the mercy of the Hungry Dead.

Thus ended the brief resurgence of mass warfare in Yin-Jin.


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