League of Yellow Earth

Just as often referred to as the Gaibong, or Beggars Guild, the League is a home to the poor, the dispossessed, and the outcast. If you were to add all the members of all the other sects together, they would not be equal to the League of Yellow Earth. It stands as a bulwark against the tyranny of the strong, and a sanctuary for the weak and oppressed. They are recognized everywhere by their yellow sashes, and are feared by many for their sheer numbers alone, for the League turns away no one. While tramps and beggars make up a portion of the League, many do not realize that shop owners, night watchmen, innkeepers, and many others occupy their ranks. It is well known that the League has eyes and ears everywhere.

Image: A disheveled beggar who is much more than he seems, defending the helpless.

Trigram: Earth

Founding: Early Summer Dynasty

Founder: The Smiling Dwarf. It is said that the Smiling Dwarf had spent the better part of his life in prison for stealing to feed his family. His family starved to death while he languished behind bars. When he was released he wandered aimlessly, until hunger once again drove him to steal. He was caught by a kindly guardsmen, who instead of turning him in, gave him coin to feed himself and let him go. The dwarf had never known such generosity and it moved him greatly. The Dwarf realized that if more people in the community could work together, less mouths would go hungry. He began organizing food drives and medical aid for the poor until organized crime elements attempted to put a stop to it. The Smiling Dwarf had studied martial arts with many of the inmates he’d been incarcerated with, and used those skills to defend the people he was trying to help. Because he couldn’t be everywhere he began to teach those skills to others in order to defend their neighborhoods. Everywhere he strove to connect people, to make them see they did not suffer alone, and to teach them that there was great strength in numbers.

Leadership: The League of Beggars is controlled by a fairly strict hierarchy, each city has a beggar prince or princess; followed by dukes, counts, and barons; and finally knight and squires. Rarely, a beggar king or queen is crowned. A beggar king/queen must complete a task set by each of the eight prince/princesses to become the head of the League.

Head-Quarters: The League has a headquarters in each of the eight cities, none are particularly more important than the others, although the Labyrinth Market in Bi’an holds special significance as the birth place of the League.

Relics: The greatest relic in possession of the League is the Staff of Spring, which was the symbol of authority among the ancient Kings of Spring. Only the beggar king or queen may wield it, and it is rumored to have powerful ancient magics.

Virtues: Benevolence & Loyalty

Fortune: Strength in Numbers. A member of the league can spend joss to gather a gang of ruffians- these count as a rank of minions equal to the amount of joss spent, ex. 2pts buys fourth rank minions.

Specialization: Members of the league may choose either a free stealth specialization (innocuous), or a free survival specialization (Urban).

Internal Kung-Fu: Heaven & Earth Exercises (Boundless Prosperity Manual)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Way of Yielding (Subtle Force)
    Lessons in Humility
    When using Act Without Resistance and attacking with superficial damage your rippling rolls ignore armor, and when using Retain Balanced Nature you may apply the bonus to remove any kind of disorient or disrupt marvel.
  • Four Monarch’s Skills (Eight Legends)
    Old Immortal Rascal
    When using God Body Transcendence the first extension is free of chi cost, and when using Be Where You Must enemies trying to break your wave to cover ground are at a -10.
  • Infinite Brush Strokes (Divine Pattern Long Strokes)
    A World Without Dogs
    When using reflexes like lightning the technique has a round long duration, and when using Five Elements Supreme Combination you can also make it an area attack that is automatically selective.

Secret Technique: “Dog Beating Stick” When fighting with a staff the character may add either the massive or flexible tag each round.



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