Organized crime is the inevitable result of city life, where there are lots of people there will be those who take advantage of the weak, seek to elevate themselves using others, or simply cater to civilizations many vices. Before long a pecking order arises, and those at the top work hard to see that they remain there. The problem comes when one or more of these top-tier criminals goes to war with another- then much of what they built falls to ruin. During the Summer Dynasty, a war arose between three such crime bosses. They were the underworld rulers of Bi’an, Qiuniu, and Baxia. Not content with the crime in their own cities, each sought to extend their control into the capital, Chiwen. What began as quiet assassinations in the night soon erupted into street battles, when a large fire burned the capital as a result of one of these conflicts- the emperor ordered the East Chamber to act. A month later, key members of all three gangs were assassinated in their home cities, and the East Chamber Eunuchs delivered an ultimatum, come to terms… or be destroyed. A secret meeting was held in the capital (some say in the Heavenly Spire itself) and the three crime bosses divided the underworld up among themselves. Master Orchid controls Baxia and specializes in gambling and blackmail, Master Lotus controls Qiuniu and specializes in prostitution and drugs, and Master Chrysanthemum controls Bi’an and specializes in extortion and smuggling. There are rumors that a fourth master sits among the Eunuchs of the East Chamber called Master Plum Flower, when violence and crime gets out of control in one of the cities controlled by the three- a simple plum flower branch is sent and things suddenly grow much quieter.

Image: A well dressed gangster making his rounds and collecting his profits, seeming congenial to everyone- but only because they are afraid.

Trigram: Thunder

Founding: Late Summer Dynasty

Founder: Very little is known about the original three bosses, but they are the ones, with urging from the East Chamber, who created the protocols the triads still follow today. The original Master Orchid was from a powerful noble family, and even today that family rules the underworld of Baxia though his descendants. The original Master Lotus was the only female boss, and a tradition of female bosses still rule the streets of Qiuniu. Master Chrysanthemum was a notoriously violent man who believed that only the strong rule, in Bi’an a boss rules only until someone even stronger comes along.

Leadership: The Triads are controlled by the three masters: Master Orchid in Baxia, Master Lotus in Qiuniu, and Master Chrysanthemum in Bi’an.

Head-Quarters: Each of the masters maintain their own headquarters within the city they reside.

Relics: One of the greatest secrets possessed by the Hundred Flowers is the secret of producing the Black Lotus. It is unknown what relics they may possess.

Virtues: Ruthlessness & Individualism

Fortune: Bought and Paid For. Much of the city guard and local constabulary are on the triads payroll, also many minor officials. A triad member can spend joss to call in favors with these groups, each point of joss will garner the assistance of one such group or official no more than one rank less than the character.

Specialization: Secret Handshake. There is a strict hierarchy among the triads and numerous protocols, ceremonies, and other observances unique to their culture, all triad members receive a free specialization with politics.

Internal Kung-Fu: Black Yin Palm (Unstained Lotus Mastery)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Frozen Shadows Stance (Murderous Shadows)
    Splintering Shadow
    If you are in the Frozen Shadows Stance and use any technique that creates one or more petals, that technique creates one additional petal.
  • Grey Crane Exercises (Graceful Crane)
    Stainless Black Feathers
    • If you’re in the Grey Crane Exercises stance and use The Unstained Flower, that technique also gives a +5 bonus to Dodge.
    • If you’re in the Grey Crane Exercises stance and successfully Dodge a strike by 10 or more points, you may use Lotus Breaks the Tiger against the attacker.

Secret Technique: Black Lotus. The triads often use a special drug to enhance their abilities; each person is effected differently by it. A character may choose one minor (5) effect that is always active and can be inflamed to a major (10) effect if more is taken. If the character is without black lotus for a period of time it become a minor (-5) penalty.


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