Heaven’s Oath Fraternity

The Heaven’s Oath Fraternity is a sworn brotherhood of like-minded swordsmen that believe nobility should be more than just a station, but embodied in one’s heart and actions. Each sworn brother or sister swears an oath before the priests of the gods to uphold the will of heaven, which in their belief is to elevate all men into something greater than that to which they were born, and to oppose any who would oppress them and make them less. While the fraternity is most prevalent among the nobility, many take students from lower stations in fulfillment of their oath. To preserve their station many Fraternity members travel in disguise or under an assumed identity.

Image: The lone wandering swordsman concealing his past while dispensing justice.

Trigram: Heaven

Founding: Late Summer Dynasty

Founder: The One-Armed Sword Saint. The Heaven’s Oath Fraternity was founded by a young nobleman who had lost his arm in a duel, his sword arm. He was devastated at the loss, having been brought up to believe that a righteous cause under heaven will always prevail, and the man who had bested him was very wicked indeed. He decided that if might makes right, then the righteous must be mighty. He set out to study under every sword master who would take him, whether they be noble or beggar, orthodox or unorthodox. After decades of study he began to see an underlining pattern behind all of the various sword style, an essential truth which he called the “sword-heart”. He went into seclusion and spent years perfecting his sword-heart skill and began to develop a new sword style he called, “Heaven’s Sword.” When he emerged from seclusion he issued a challenge to every swordsman in the land. He offered up his lands, title and wealth to anyone who could defeat him. None did. Some of those he defeated were so impressed by this one-armed left handed swordsman that they became his students. He taught them his “Heaven’s Sword” style and his “Sword Heart” skill, but most importantly he taught each of them that the righteous must be mighty.

Leadership: The Heaven’s Oath Fraternity is led by a council of twelve masters named for the twelve animals of the zodiac. Each serves for exactly twelve years before choosing his or her successor. In addition to the council, one former master always serves as the custodian to the Graveyard of Swords, this is often a grandmaster who advises the council, and helps resolve differences amongst them.

Head-Quarters: The Fraternity prides itself on operating independently and often alone. The closest thing to a head-quarters is the Graveyard of Swords where the blades of fallen members are interred. It lies somewhere in a cavern deep beneath the capital city of Chiwen.

Relics: The Graveyard of Swords holds many of the most powerful blades ever forged, but the most sacred relic of the Fraternity is the Sword of the Summer Kings which is always kept by the custodian of the graveyard.

Virtue: Honor & Force

Fortune: Wealth & Privilege. Many of the fraternity are born to the upper class, and even those who are not often have friends and allies among the upper strata of society. By spending joss a fraternity member can find help, lodging, and assistance among the nobility. A single point might have a sympathetic squire put the character up for a night or two while several points could secure a room in the Duke’s manor.

Specialization: All members of the fraternity receive free craft specialization in sword-making. Heaven’s Oath demands that all members be able to repair and maintain their blades and even forge their own.

Internal Kung-Fu: Heaven’s Sword (Jade Spirit Sword)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Four Monarch’s Skills (Eight Legends)
    Storm of Swords
    When using Scything Moonlight Cut you may extend the attack one zone away and target people there. When using Soaring Phoenix you can block area attacks on behalf of others, they may choose to use the block or their own defense roll.
  • Grey Crane Exercises (Graceful Crane Style)
    Elegant Blade Wings
    When using Ten-Fold Steel Guard you may apply the block bonus to dodge instead, and you may use Iron Heart Clarity even while dodging.
  • Dragon and Phoenix Style (Grand Ultimate Dragon)
    Streaming Dragon Blade
    When using Dragon In Flight opponents are -5 to break your waves involving movement, and when using Blade of Infinity Strokes you receive a +5 bonus to the primary attack.

Secret Technique: “Sword-Heart Skill” Fighting unarmed counts as fighting with a sword and vice-versa.



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