Ghost Eaters Sect
(Lore Sheet)

There have always been necromancers drawn to the unholy power the Yama Kings of the underworld promise. But never have they been so powerful since the Breaking of the Wheel, no longer bound to the arduous rites that summon up the dead from the underworld, they now find themselves in a world full of them. The Ghost Eater Sect represents a very real danger to the eight cities, for as their power grows, so too does their reach. Perhaps the most heinous of their powers is their ability to devour unquiet spirits to feed their own vitality, destroying that soul forever and removing it from the cycle of incarnation. Those who are drawn to the cult are usually misanthropic outcasts to begin with, or those that have suffered a terrible tragedy and have turned their backs on humanity utterly.

Image: Cadaverous looking madmen wandering the wild and enslaving the dead.

Trigram: Wind

Founding: Winter Dynasty

Founder: It is said that the Yama Kings themselves tempted the first followers into the sect, but it was not until the maiden called Pale Orchid, that its teachings were codified and disseminated widely in the Seven Yin Scrolls. She was said to be so powerful and seductive that she enslaved one of the Yama Kings to her will, rumor has it that this nine foot black skinned giant carries her around in an obsidian coffin when she has need to travel. The Pale Orchid rose to become a terrible threat just after the Breaking and was only driven off by the combined might of the Temples of the Four Winds. Perhaps no other sorcerer save Fuxi, has been a greater threat to Yin-Jin, and somewhere, deep in the wilderness, she plots her return.

Leadership: Most members of the Ghost Eaters operate alone and it is rare for them to act in unison. The only central authority, if such exists, would be the Pale Orchid.

Head-Quarters: The Ghost Eater sect has no true headquarters although many are drawn to the ruins of Baxia.

Relics: The Seven Yin Scrolls and the Restless Ghost scroll, both penned by the Pale Orchid, are the most important relics to the cult. The Yama Kings have been known to gift their followers with powerful relics as well.

Virtues: Ruthlessness & Obsession

Fortune: Enslave the Dead. A member of the Ghost Eaters may spend corrupt joss to take control of an undead creature or spirit. The cost is one joss for each rank of the undead creature.

Specialization: A member of the Ghost Eater sect often becomes an expert at anatomy as they sew their necromantic creations together granting them a free specialization in medicine.

Internal Kung-Fu: Black Yin Palm (Unstrained Lotus Mastery)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Three Furies Oath (Storm God’s Fury)
    Vengeful Devil Aspect
    Character must act enraged and full of uncontrolled passion to add +5 strike/speed
  • Frozen Shadow Step (Murderous Shadows)
    Living Corpse Aspect
    Character must act dead and emotionless to add +5 toughness/damage

Secret Technique: Stir of Echoes Unquiet spirits swirl all around the character causing frequent poltergeist like effects. The Character may use these to make shaping waves with a single die that are -10 to be broken


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