Dragon Marsh Gang
(Lore Sheet)

Although the Autumn Kings conquered the land from horseback, it could not be ruled from there. They’re first monarchs were ruthless and oppressive, and many were forced in to hiding by their draconian laws. Many in the south fled to the trackless recesses of the Dragon Marsh. From the depths of it endless bogs they would strike out, raiding and stealing for what they needed. And as their numbers grew, so too did their reach. Try as they might, the Dragon Legions could not anticipate they’re attacks, nor could they run them down in the marshes. They were surprisingly unified for outlaws, and demonstrated a keen grasp of tactics. All of this due to a single fallen scholar called by the outlaws, “Autumn Rain”. His brilliant mind kept the outlaws one step ahead the Autumn King and his dukes. They say he knew no kung-fu at all, but was a perfect example of his kind, a scholar. He would later use his skills to harness the power of the marsh itself, pacifying the “Dragon”, and learning to use the marsh itself as a weapon. When the Autumn Rain at last passed on they built an enormous bronze statue of him where the leaders of the gang still meet today. The Dragon Marsh Gang has two sides. They can often be altruistic, taking in outcasts, feeding the hungry, and aiding the oppressed. They can just as often be bloodthirsty and ruthless, and often the high ideals they drink to together do not survive contact with the real world. During the war with the Qazaari, the Dragon Marsh game came out of hiding and were a vital part of defeating the invaders, earning for themselves a royal amnesty. But within a generation they were back to their bandit ways; raiding, smuggling and driving local authorities crazy. When focused on some great task, the Dragon Marsh Gang can be a powerful force, but left alone to their own devices, they’re baser nature is revealed.

Image: A rough and tumble character with the mud on the road fresh on him, he drinks hard and he fights harder.

Trigram: Lake

Founding: Early Autumn Dynasty

Founder: The first Autumn Kings were little more than tyrants. The third king in particular was a despot, and it was he who initiated the ‘Burning of the Books’, which included the men who wrote them. Scholars all over the kingdom fled and went into hiding; one such scholar would come to be known as, “Autumn Rain”. He was forced to flee Bi’an and he hid deep in the Dragon Marshes. He was not alone, the marshes held many disparate folk; escaped criminals, political dissidents, hermits, thieves, and folk too poor to live anywhere else. At first the different groups were as dangerous to one another as the world they had left had been, but Autumn Rains natural charisma and his deep understanding of politics allowed him to show the different groups that they had more in common than they had thought. More importantly, they had much more to gain in working together than working against one another. As their numbers swelled, it took more than what they could gather in the marsh to sustain them, and they began raiding caravans and warehouse near and around Bi’an. Often the raiders would return with grievous injuries and terrible losses, using his knowledge of tactics and Sun-Yu’s Stratagems, Autumn Rain began offering suggestions on better strategies. They were so successful that soon he began devising all of their plans. Another threat to the outlaws in the marsh was the “dragon”, not a true celestial creature, but rather an immense serpentine spirt of great age. Many times it would swallow entire fishing boats whole. Autumn Rain used his knowledge of the spirit world to determine where the creature hunted, and even devised rites to appease it and direct its anger at those who would invade the outlaw’s home. It is said that Autumn Rain learned how to use his chi to manipulate water from the creature, and taught these skills to others. As more heroes came to live in the marshes, the Dragon Marsh became a true force to be reckoned with, and despite his total lack of kung-fu, Autumn Rain, often called the “perfect scholar” was unanimously elected their leader.

Leadership: Since the death of Autumn Rain long ago, the gang has been led by a council of their best heroes. Tradition dictates there is always a scholar among them.

Head-Quarters: The headquarters of Dragon Marsh Gang is of course the Dragon Marsh itself. More than a hundred miles of trackless swamps, on ly the gang truly knows its secrets.

Relics: One of the most important relics of the gang are the Serpentine Scrolls, these were penned by Autumn Rain and detail the rites necessary to appease the great “Dragon” and his secrets for manipulating water.

Virtues: Ferocity & Individualism

Fortune: All for One. The Dragon Marsh Gang are a close-knit group, and their survival often depends on their unity. While plentiful in the south, they can be sparse elsewhere- yet there always seems to be at least one old drinking buddy nearby. Gang member may spend joss to summon up a comrade equal to a lesser legend. Each point of joss summons one comrade.

Specialization: Living Off the Land. Life in the Dragon Marshes is very hard; quicksand, crocodiles, venomous snakes, and the constant threat of disease make for a group of hardy survivors. All members of the Dragon Marsh Gang receive a free survival specialty.

Internal Kung-Fu: As the Crow Flies (Nine Sun Birds)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Four Monarch’s Skills (Eight Legends)
    Thrashing Dragon Wave
    • In the Four Monarch’s Skills stance, all your attacks count as Area attacks for the purpose of damaging groups of Minions.
    • You stride the world like a mighty dragon across the waters. The Footwork bonus of your Four Monarch’s Skills stance increases to +10.
  • Great River Style (Flowing Universe)
    Blood in the Water
    • You are unstoppable, like a shark smelling blood. The Speed bonus of your Great River Style stance increases to +10.
    • No attack shall bow down the mighty dragon kings!. When in the Great River Style stance, treat your total Chi as if it were 3 points higher for the purposes of determining your Chi threshold.

Secret Technique: Rage of the Dragon. Autumn Rain learned a very special skill from the great “Dragon” of the marsh, the ability to wield water itself as a weapon. When in need, and there is sufficient water present, he may shape the water into a weapon with the flexible tag for one chi, or the flexible tag and one additional tag for two chi. It costs the same to maintain the weapon each round.


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