Doctors are anything from learned gentleman who have studied anatomy and all the treaties of modern medicine, to village healers who know the medicinal quality of every local herb, or the Red Monks whose knowledge of directing chi can heal with no more than a touch. Healers of all kinds are always in great demand, and given the according respect.

Secret Arts: The Secret Art of Medicine. Doctors use their secret arts to create diagnosis. The most common use of their secret arts is in healing others, although a prescription of diet and exercise can do wonders as well.

Focus on Breath: Medicine
Skill Set: Medicine vs. Hardiness

• Great Works: Create +10/-10 modifiers
• Quick Works: Use secret arts in combat
• Subtle Works: Use secret arts in secret

Special: A character can have any number of negative medical conditions, and is not limited by rank.

Extraordinary Techniques: Specialist


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