The Cult of Fuxi
(Lore Sheet)

Fuxi, no other figure in history is so reviled, or so hated than the dark sorcerer. Even Huyan, who killed so many more in his madness than Fuxi could have dreamed, is seen with a measure of pity. But not Fuxi, his actions could only ever be viewed as calculated, premeditated, and wholly evil. He killed his brothers, seized the throne, and drove the Kingdom of Spring to its end, and those were not the worst of his deeds. He tore the celestial spirit, the dragon Bixi, from his city- destroying it and killing hundreds. The dragon went mad and laid waste to great swathes of Yin-Jin, killing the young emperor as he tried to stop it. It was finally a group of Xia heroes that put the dragon down, restored order to the land, and created the Summer Dynasty. Many saw Fuxi fall when the dragon was set free, burning from the ramparts until he was not but ash. What is known to only a few was that his ashes were collected by his followers who placed them into five urns and secreted them away. His powerful spirit endured, and would appear to his followers who kept the urns safe (although it is rumored one urn was lost). He would teach them some of his ancient magics, and the Fire Sutras he learned in the far away land of Al’Qazaar. Like Fuxi, his followers desire power, and what they can’t have they destroy. They protect Fuxi’s remains, and they seek out lost and hidden knowledge, to be laid at their master’s feet upon his return.

Image: A secret cultist researching forbidden lore in an ancient ruin, ready to defend his experiments with fiery fists.

Trigram: Fire

Founding: Late Spring Dynasty

Founder: Much has already been said about Fuxi, while his brothers studied war and state craft, Fuxi was at the knee of ancient scholars, many of whom were in exile for the forbidden knowledge they chased. Sometime before he assassinated his brothers and became the Duke of Bixi he left Yin-Jin with Qazaari traders and spent an unknown number of years in their lands studying the Fire Sutras from the FIre Dervishes there. It was this power that he would become notorious for. Years later, when Yin-Jin went to war with the Qazaari, many erroneously thought they had learned their fire skill from Fuxi, rather than the other way around. The spirit of Fuxi seems tied to the five urns that carry his ashes, and the cult believes that if they are reunited, Fuxi will rise again. Either they are wrong, or the cult has yet to collect all five. Some say that one rests in the depths of Tethered Rock beneath the Red Monestary, others say that the priests of the Temple of the East Wind guard one. No one can say how many the cult has, and how many they still seek to acquire.

Leadership: The Cult of Fuxi operate in small independent cells, usually several acolytes around a charismatic leader. All hold Fuxi to be the true leader of the cult and chant endlessly of his return.

Head-Quarters: There is no headquarters for the Cult of Fuxi although many operate in the ruins of Baxia, where it is said some of his lost urns are hidden, and others are drawn to Suanni, seeking lost knowledge of the Spring Kings. Cells can be found operating almost anywhere.

Relics: The most important relics to the cult are the Five Urns of Fuxi that contain his ashes, they also seek out manuscripts of lost magics and sorcery from the time of the Spring Dynasty. It is said that the cult still has ancient compies of the Fire Sutras that Fuxi brought back from Al’Qazaar.

Virtues: Ruthlessness & Obsession

Fortune: Tempered by Fire. Joining the Cult is no easy matter, and initiates are subjected to much pain, humiliation, and fire. A cultist may spend joss to resist wound penalties for one round, costing one joss per -5.

Specialization: Forbidden Lore. The Cult of Fuxi spend much of their time researching lost magics and ancient lore, a cultist receives a free learning specialization related to their research.

Internal Kung-Fu: Wrath of the Fire God ( Fire Sutra)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Wind-Chasing Palms (Destiny Cloud Fist)
    Volcanic Cinder Cloud
    If you’re in the Wind-Chasing Palms stance and use any Fire Sutra technique that lets you use the Burn effect, any Rippling rolls you make as a result of the Burn effect receives a +5 bonus.
  • No-Shadow Blade (Shadow Catching)
    Thousand Miles of Light
    When you are in the No-Shadow Blade stance and use any Fire Sutra technique that lets you use the Burn effect, you have a +5 bonus to that check.

Secret Technique: Spreading Like Wildfire. Using their Fire Sutra, anytime a cultist uses a flame effect he may add the range tag to his weapon.


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