The people of Yin-Jin hold to the belief they call the “Will of Heaven”, which is to say the more they mimic the stately order of the gods in heaven, the more peaceful and prosperous the world becomes. There are a dizzying array of rites and rituals honoring the many gods and ancestors, and somewhere it is written the proper method of doing even the most minuscule of tasks. The more of these a person learns, the better he can mirror the gods in heaven, and the closer to heaven his world becomes.

The Will of Heaven is built upon a hierarchy of deities who all attend to their functions with a grace and dedication to be copied by mortals in all respects. Anathema to heaven is chaos, selfishness, corruption, and vanity.

  • The One Truth which is that peace and order can only be maintained through adherence to the Will of Heaven.
  • The Two Sovereigns who rule over heaven and are the mighty Yang Emperor, represented by the dragon, and the Yin Empress, represented by the phoenix.
  • The Three Furies who punish the wicked and are the Prince of Roiling Earth, the Princess of Howling Winds, and the Princess of Churning Waters.
  • The Four Dukes who rule over the earth in the four cardinal directions, the Duke of the East, West, North, and South Winds.
  • The Five Ministers who attend to physical creation in the form of the five elements; earth, fire, water, metal, and wood.
  • The Six Sages who teach the six virtues of benevolence, righteousness, honor, loyalty, Force, and Piety.
  • The Seven Star Lords who monitor the fate and destiny of all human beings and are destiny, birth, childhood, adulthood, convalescence, death, and fate.
  • The Eight Immortals who are said to have once been mortal and now wander creation interceding on the behalf of humanity.
  • The Nine Dragons who were bound to the nine cities in the days of the Spring Kings that the kingdom would endure forever.
  • The Ten Thousand Ancestors it is the Will of Heaven that honor and memory be given to those who came before you.

In addition to the Hierarchy of Ten, some recognize three more levels of celestial beings;

  • The Eleven Fairy Maidens who attend to nature and all of its trees, flowers, and growing things.
  • The Twelve Animal Generals who protect the lives of other animals.
  • The Thirteen Yama Kings who punish the wicked in the underworld.


A philosophy more than a religion, the Path of Man was founded by the Blind Monk who came to the realization that the suffering of man was do to the will of man and not the will of heaven- and that man had it within himself to relieve his suffering by his will alone and not through rites and rituals dedicated to some loft being. Through a regiment of mindfulness, benevolence, and action, it is mans responsibility to make a better world. Followers of the path seek to follow in the footsteps of great followers from the past they call Lohans, or “saints”.

Despite the fact that the Path of Man may sound contrary to the Will of Heaven, many in Yin-Jin adhere, in one degree or another, to both- observing rites to the gods while imitating the virtues of the saints.


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