Chiwen is the capital of Yin-Jin and the home of the Winter Queen herself, high in the Heavenly Spire looking down upon the whole of the kingdom. Chiwen also possesses the only other harbor in Yin-Jin, besides the one in Bi’an, but no foreign traders are permitted here, and it is home to the Queen’s navy. Three Dragon Legions call Chiwen home, the 1st Legion who protects the City, the 9th Legion who serve as the Queen’s own guard, and the 10th Legion which man Yin-Jin’s modest navy. The city proper is far from the largest in either size or population with Bi’an, Baxia, and Qiuniu being larger, but exceeds all others in prestige and most of the Dukes and other noble families maintain residences here for their appearances in the queens court. There is a well maintained road between Chiwen and Baxia, as members of the bureaucracy often have need to make the trip. Chiwen is often called the city of gossip and rumors, and reputations rise and fall with a whisper. The Queen herself has little to do with the day to day running of the city, which is left primarily to the duke and the Spire’s eunuchs.

Duke: The Duke of Chiwen as an aging but powerful Qiu lord who distrusts the queen, despises her eunuchs, and thinks the present state of the kingdom is fitting punishment for its decadence. He has entertained many young heroes from the Still Water Alliance.

Sites: Long before you reach the city you can see the Heavenly Spire stabbing towards the heavens. A magical wonder of the Spring Kings, its lofty heights have never been fully explored and are rumored to change over time. The top of the Spire can never be seen and seems to only dissolve into the atmosphere. The Temple of the West Wind lies on a cliff overlooking the city, its priests see to the religious functions within the Heavenly Spire.

Wulin: The Graveyard of Swords, the headquarters of the Heaven’s Oath Fraternity is said to lie beneath the city in a hidden underground grotto, and there are frequently several members in the city. The Yellow Earth maintains a large presence in addition to the followers of the Four Winds at Temple of the West Wind. The Duke is said to favor the Still Waters Alliance, and leaves his home open to visiting heroes. The Thunder Guard have several offices here from different agencies, and many ladies of the Phoenix Lake attend court at the Spire. All in all, only Bi’an has a larger wulin presence.

Guild: The guild operates normally from their Black Pagoda, and the masters of the four orders are often there, or can be seen coming and going from the Spire in secret meetings with the queen.

Specialization: Chiwen is always a buzz with the gossip from every corner of the kingdom, a native of the city receives a free specialization in politics.


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