Step One: Choose your characters sect

  • Record your special fortune
  • Record your free skill specialization
  • Record your secret technique
  • Record your Internal Style (you do not have to pick the sects internal style, but if you choose another style you are limited to one power per level)
  • Choose your external style (you do not have to pick from the three listed, but you will gain no special techniques)
  • Record your special techniques combining your internal/external styles

Step Two: Choose your profession

  • You receive a free +5 in the skill used to focus on breath
  • Record your secret arts

Step Three: Choose your City of origin

  • Record your free specialization

Step Four Choose your ethnicity

  • Record your skill bonuses

Step Five: Purchase initial skills with 20 destiny

  • 2pts- 5 skill level (10 max skill level)
  • 1pts- Skill Specialty (max 2 specialties per skill)

Step Six: Purchase virtues with 12 points

  • All virtues begin with one point

Step Seven: Spend your 20 Destiny

  • 3pts- Special Weapon: You may add a second tag to your weapon
  • 1pts- Upgrade armor to medium
  • 2pts- Upgrade armor to heavy
  • 2pts- Add a skill level (+5)
  • 1pts- Purchase skill specialty
  • 5pts- Convert standard chi into elemental or corrupt chi
  • Purchase modifiers for secret arts (Great, Quick, & Subtle Works)
  • Purchase external and internal martials arts techniques
  • Purchase extraordinary techniques

Step Eight: Standard characteristics (Rank 4 Hero)

  • All characters start with light armor, and a weapon with one tag
  • Lake begins at 7 dice
  • River, Chi Aura & Replenishment, and Max Joss start at 2
  • Chivalrous joss starts equal to highest chivalrous virtue
  • Malicious joss starts equal to highest selfish virtue
  • Chi pool begins at 12
  • Chi thresholds are trivial (chix1=12), minor (chix2=24), major (chix3=36), dead (chix4=48)


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