Chaofeng is the northern most city in Yin-Jin, and home to the Dongren people. The city itself is built in a narrow valley between mountains that provides some protection from the ever present winds. The city is built along the valley floor and up the side of both mountains connected to each other by a dizzying array of catwalks and bridges. It can be unnerving to some to be so high on such narrow walkways while the wind blusters all around. Summer here is brief and winters long and harsh. Chaofeng is one of the few places where the Xia are a minority and the city is dominated by Qiu, Dong, and some Sherpa. The city has a frontier feel and can seem very closed off to outsiders and as inhospitable as the climate, strangers are watched suspiciously. Chaofengs guard often look the other way to much of the goings on which has given the city a rough and tumble reputation.

Duke: Chaofeng is the only city not rules by a Qiu or Xia nobleman. The ruler of the city is a Dong clan matriarch, still referred to as a Duke, officially. In the Dong tradition of matriarch, she rules over the city with a distant but firm hand. She has many eligible daughter she’d like to see married into influential clans throughout Yin-Jin.

Sites: Outside the city stands a rugged inn simply called “The Lodge” it does a meager business most months but in the summer, the vast fields around it swell with a hundred Qiu tents or more and it becomes the meeting place of the Still Waters Alliance. Deep beneath the city is an underground cavern with a lake known as the Black Grotto, the waters of the lake are black as pitch and have the frightening ability to annihilate spirits- forever removing a soul from reincarnation. There is said to be a cult that worships there. On a peak overlooking the city is the Temple of the North Wind.

Wulin: The Still Waters Alliance is the most powerful sect here, along with Yellow Earth, Four Winds, and Thunder Guard. It is said that the Black Ice Maidens have their headquarters somewhere in or near the city. There are some gangs of Thousand Knives active in the poorer quarters of the city.

Guild: The Guilds Black Pagoda rests on the valley floor and the great Yellow Pool surrounding it never freezes. There are rumors that the Guild can be bribed to carry a soul to the Black Grotto, rather than sending it to the Yellow Pool.

Specialization: Chaofeng is a harsh place to grow up, and not only because of the climate. Anyone raised here grows hard or doesn’t grow at all. Natives of Chaofeng receive a free hardiness specialty.


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