Bleeding Dragon Heresy
(Lore Sheet)

The Bleeding Dragon Heresy came from out of the Red Mountain Brotherhood. The ‘Black Monk’ as he has come to be called, began as any other brother would, trained in the arts of healing and the martial arts of the temple, and passing through the gauntlet of tests deep inside Tethered Rock. Finally, dipping his fists into the Cauldron of Dragons, staining with the dragons blood. It is said among some who carry the dragons stain that sometimes whispers of the dragons spirit can be heard, but these are not whispered wisdoms- for the dragon of Bixi went mad. When Fuxi tore the dragon spirit out from the root of the city, its spirit was irreparably damaged, and many would die before the dragons rage could be stopped. They say the Black Monk heard these whispers keenly, and paid too much heed to their urgings. Wanting to know more he quietly returned to the Cauldron of Dragons, and lifting it high over his head- he bathed in the dragons blood. If their were whispers of madness in his head before, now they were screams. He fled howling from the monastery, and no monk seemed capable of stopping him. He disappeared into the Red Cliffs and was not heard of again for more than a decade. Monks began to disappear as well as townsfolk from Pulao, and when the Red Monks investigated they found them in the company of the black monk who had made a pool of Dragons Blood of his own, which he forced the monks into- driving them as mad as he, the townsfolk they ate. Although they slew some of the mad monks, the Black Monk, along with others escaped. Since then the heresy of the Black Monk continues as new monks are trained, or they take particular delight in kidnapping Red Monks who are bathed in the blood of the dragon. Their crimes are too numerous to recall but include cannibalism, desecration, and offenses to the gods themselves.
Image: You are unlikely to see one of the Black Ice Maidens, but only feel the chill of the dagger plunged into your chest, and the frightening realization you are not just dying- your soul is being consumed.

Trigram: Mountain

Founding: Early Summer Dynasty

Founder: Little is known about the Black Monk before bathing his body in the blood of the dragon, his kung-fu skills would seem to indicate he was an excellent student- unless he has learned things from the mad dragon himself? Rumors always persist that he somehow still lives, but there always seems to be one or two individuals calling themselves the ‘black monk’ that prove to be just followers of his mad heresy. If the Black Monk were truly still alive, he would immensely old, and likely very powerful.

Leadership: The Bleeding Dragon Heresy seems to have no central leadership, but instead operate in small cells around a central figure, usually calling himself the ‘Black Monk’.

Head-Quarters: The heresy has no head-quarters although they are often drawn to the Red Cliffs to replenish their supply of dragon’s blood.

Relics: Like the Red Mountain Brotherhood, the monks of the Bleeding Dragon Heresy know how to extract the dragons blood from the soil around the Red Cliffs.

Virtues: Ferocity & Ruthlessness

Fortune: Wisdom in Madness. The mind of a Bleeding Dragon monk is constantly assailed by the mad whispers of the dragon Bixi, sometimes insights can be gleaned from all the chaos. A monk may spend joss to receive clues to mysteries surrounding him, each point of joss gleans one such clue from the wulin sage.

Specialization: Only the Hard. Not everyone survives the Dragon Pool when immersed in the blood of the mad dragon Bixi, only the toughest can withstand that pain. All monks receive a free hardiness specialization.

Internal Kung-Fu: Five Venoms (Thousand Venoms Style)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Frozen Shadows Stance (Murderous Shadows)
    Soul-Penetrating Evil
    If you’re in the Frozen Shadows Stance and use any Thousand Venoms technique that lets you use the Poison effect, you have a +5 bonus to the check to inflict the effect.
  • Autumn’s Harvest (Ravenous Wings)
    Unclean Bloody Rain
    If you’re in the Autumn’s Harvest stance and use any Thousand Venoms technique that lets you use the Poison effect, any Rippling rolls you make as a result of the Poison effect receives a +5 bonus to the damage caused by the effect

Secret Technique: The Dragons Mantle. The Dragons blood that the monks bathe in renders their flesh as hard a iron, all members of the Bleeding Dragon Heresy are considered to be wearing medium armor even when unarmored. Wearing any actual armor renders this power void.


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