Black Ice Maidens
(Lore Sheet)

Few sects are as feared as the Black Ice Maidens, despite so little being known about them. What is known is this, they are assassins- perfect assassins, for not only do they kill you, but they also destroy your soul, removing you forever from the cycle of incarnation. They wield daggers of black ice kept cold by their internal kung-fu, when the ice melts nothing is left but a corpse- one that does not reanimate, for the spirit has been annihilated. They come from far in the north, Chaofeng most believe, and are said to gather in a dark cave with a pool of black water from which they forge their daggers. Their mistress is said to be ancient, but still deadly, and never leaves the dark grotto where she trains her ‘daughters’. Little is known where these girls come from, and it is whispered they drink from the black pool and lose all memory of their past. With no past to cloud their judgment there is only the mission- in a world where the dead can bear witness to their murderers- they offer a simple solution, to destroy their targets utterly. The Black Ice Maidens are never cheap, and a king’s ransom is what it often takes to hire one. A Black Ice Maiden hired will never stop hunting her query until she is dead, but should the query survive- the maidens will never contract against them again. The mistress who rules them is said to be strange in what contracts she takes, often ignoring ones that offer more money, while eagerly taking others for less. Some fear she has some frightening agenda of her own.

Image: You are unlikely to see one of the Black Ice Maidens, but only feel the chill of the dagger plunged into your chest, and the frightening realization you are not just dying- your soul is being consumed.

Trigram: Water

Founding: Winter Dynasty

Founder: The founder of the Black Ice Maidens is an even greater mystery than the maidens themselves. No one knows how she came upon the black lake, or learned to use its powers. Or why she began training young girls to kill. The Ice Maidens only appeared after the founding of the Winter Dynasty, and their presence has sent a chill through the wulin, for it is one thing to die and lose all you had, it is quite another to die and lose all you could have ever been.

Leadership: The Black Ice Maidens are loyal only to their mysterious mistress, little is known of her and it is said she never leaves the Black Grotto.

Head-Quarters: The headquarters for the Black Ice Maidens is the Black Grotto deep beneath Chaofeng in the north.

Relics: The greatest relic of the Ice Maidens is the Black Pool from wince they make their horrible knives. No one knows the source of its power save perhaps the Mistress herself.

Virtues: Ferocity & Obsession

Fortune: As Cold As Ice. An Ice Maiden is completely focused on her mission and will not be distracted or deterred. A maiden may spend joss to ignore secret arts modifiers for one scene. Each point of joss offsets one minor modifier, two points of joss offsets a major.

Specialization: The Black Ice Maidens are as quiet as falling snow, and as invisible as a cold wind, all maidens receive a free stealth specialization.

Internal Kung-Fu: Frozen Heart (Ice Sutra)

External Kung-Fu:

  • Sun Yu’s Fist (Bone Fed Wolf Fang)
    Culling the Weak
    • In the Sun Yu’s Fist stance, any technique of this kung fu style that works against people with a Disoriented or Disrupted condition also works against groups of minions.
    • Any technique of the Sun Yu’s Fist stance that works against people with a Disoriented or Disrupted condition also works against people with a Major physical wound condition.
    • If you cause a Disoriented or Disrupted condition, Sun Yu’s Fist Speed bonus increases to +10 for the next round.
  • Autumn’s Harvest (Ravenous Wings)
    Flock Hungers as One
    You hunt together with your flock, and your training allows you to act with perfect coordination. If you are in the Ravenous Wings stance and there are allies present in the same zone who also know this technique, you may all use the best initiative result amongst you.

Secret Technique: Black Ice Razor. Should the Black Ice Maiden strike a killing blow she may flood a die from her river to make an additional attack with the deadly Black Ice Razor, should the blow succeed, the opponents soul (hun and po) is destroyed. To maintain the Black Razor’s frozen form, 2 chi must be used (or one water chi) at all times effectively reducing the maidens chi pool.


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