Bi’an is the southern most city of Yin-Jin and by far and away its most crowded. Bi’an sits on the southern coast at the mouth of a great bay. The Great River tumbles down the massive Shadow Falls and finally finds the sea. The city itself rests beneath the massive cliffs of the shoreline so that half the city lies in shadow even under the brightest sun, which is rare because the city is infamous for its rain. Its streets are crowded, and while predominantly Xia, nearly every race can be found in the city. It is the only city where foreign traders are allowed to trade, and even then only on an artificial island built in the bay. Only by special permission of the Duke can a foreigner set foot in the city, and none may leave the city on pain of death. Bi’an is famous for its markets and anything can be found there and bought, if one knows where to look. The crowding in the city is made worse by its hemmed in position between the cliffs and the sea, as a result buildings grow taller and taller to accommodate, but the engineering for such feats is still imperfect, and some have collapsed with significant loss of life. The people of Bi’an can seem rude and impatient, and in a city of so many- no one gets special treatment.

Duke: The Iron Duke, as he’s called is one of the most powerful and influential figures in Yin-Jin… and likely one of the most wealthy. His Iron Shadow Manor beneath the falls is as full of intrigue as the Heavenly Spire itself. The Qiu Duke seems to let many elements run rampant in his city, but it is well known he has eyes and ears everywhere.

Sites: The Temple of the South Wind is inside the city and it is an architectural wonder filled with art and sculpture dedicated to the Will of Heaven. Three Devils Island is the artificial island where the Vicci and Qazaari trade with Yin-Jin, only a special pass from the Duke or the three devils will allow someone to visit. The Labyrinth Market is the busiest market place in Yin-Jin, and almost impossible to navigate.

Wulin: All sects seem to have a presence in the city, but none more than the League of Yellow Earth who dominate here. There is a powerful Dragon Council that oversees the affairs of the martial world with an elected member of each orthodox sect. Of the unorthodox sects, the tongs and triads of the Thousand Knives and Hundred Flowers are rampant here.

Guild: The guild is severely overtaxed here because of the population, their Black Pagoda is a beehive of activity at all hours. Rumor has it that they will enlist aid from the wulin at times to deal with unquiet spirits.

Specialization: Everyone in Bi’an walks tough and talks tough, even if they aren’t. The seedier elements can smell weakness. Being raised in the crowded streets of Bi’an gives a player a free confidence specialization.


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