White Moon

Society of the Secret Fire


Name: Li Xian Li
Wulin Name: White Moon
Sect: Society of the Secret Fire
Profession: Artisan
City of Origin: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Xia

A beautiful, if aging lady, who grace is unmatched by ladies of any age. She dresses in pale robes of shimmering silk that seem to move in some unfelt breeze. She has long ago forsworn any weapons as her music is far deadlier.


Although White Moon is getting on in years she is no less deadly. A long standing champion of the Secret Fire, it was her iron will that kept the sect together in Bi’an after the Dancing Ink Calligraphy school was closed. Her fame extends much further than the Wulin, and she is famous throughout the south for her musical talents. She is a staunch traditionalist, and known for her stern demeanor. She is considering washing her hands in the golden basin, but she knows she cannot until a new master can be found to anchor their presence firmly in the wulin of Bi’an.

White Moon

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