Two-Silver Shen

Society of the Secret Fire


Name: Shen Lo
Jianghu Name: Two-Silver Shen
Sect: Society of the Secret Fire
Profession: Vagabond
City of Origin: Pulao
Ethnicity: Dongren

Two-Silver Shen is a handsome man when he’s not face down in the gutter somewhere. His clothes are often of expensive cut, but poorly maintained. He wears robes with long sweeping sleeves wear he conceals his two razor-tipped fans. His hair is worn long in the Xia style, with the tell-tale white streak that marks him as one of the winter people.


The cycle of his life revolves around being face down in his own vomit until somebody needs him. They find him, sober him up, and set him to investigating something. He’s brilliant but insufferably arrogant. His skills set make him an excellent investigator, and he can hold his own in combat- particularly with his razor tipped fans. When he has at last solved the case/riddle/problem, he celebrates by drinking, and then celebrates celebrating, and then just drinks… until someone drags him out again.

He gets his name from the fee he charges, 2 silver taels per day.

Two-Silver Shen

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