Storm Crow

Thunder Guard


Name: Bao Wu
Wulin Name: Storm Crow
Sect: Thunder Guard
Profession: Warrior
City of Origin: Qiuniu
Ethnicity: Gaoren

Taller than average and imposing, Storm Crow can stare down a tiger. She wears a mixture of furs and armor that can be shed quickly if she falls overboard. In her hands is a massive axe even taller than she is. Her long hair is unkempt and windblown, and her skin deeply tanned from a life on the Great River. She can sometimes be overheard whispering to the river at the sides of the Black Wind.


Storm Crow’s parents died in a river accident when she was just coming of age. They had been the owners of a modest tea house in Qiuniu which she promptly sold. She was sick to death of waiting tables, she needed more out of life. She met a riverboat captain named Bitter Axe, he operated a Thunder Guard Banner, that plied the river between Qiuniu and Baxia on a ship called the Black Wind. He was down on his luck (mostly due to his drinking) and didn’t not have the money to even make repairs on his ship. Storm Crow stepped in and used the money from her parents tea house to buy herself in as a full partner- on two conditions- that Bitter Axe also train her as a full member of the Thunder Guard, and that sharing his bed was NOT part of the bargain. For several years she plied the Great River fighting off pirates, bandits, and the hungry dead, and became a respectable warrior of the wulin. A year ago Bitter Axe broke his word, and while drunk attempted to wrestle her into his bed. They dueled on the deck of the ship, and in the end she knocked him over the side of the boat and sailed on. The men of the ship were only too happy to have a wiser and more sober captain. She worriers however, that Bitter Axe may show up again someday and want his ship backā€¦

Art Copy Right Hugh Alan 2016

Storm Crow

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