Silver Spider

Black Ice Maiden


Name: Unknown
Wulin Name: Silver Spider
Sect: Black Ice Maidens
Profession: Unknown
City of Origin: Unknown
Ethnicity: Dong

There have been several sightings over the last year of a mysterious white-haired assassin calling herself the Silver Spider. She wears a silver gauntlet upon her right hand with slender silver claws she wields to deadly effect, some whisper it is an ancient relic from the Spider-Queen herself, (a dowager queen of the Summer Dynasty known for poisoning her rivals). She has faced multiple heroes at a time and emerged unscathed time and again- She is at the very least a champion of her sect, perhaps even a master.


No one knows who she is working for or who her intended targets are, but rumors of her presences sends shock and fear through the local Wulin.

Silver Spider

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