Scholar Li

Society of the Secret Fire


Name: Li Hu Shen
Wulin Name: Scholar Li
Sect: Society of the Secret Fire
Profession: Scholar
City of Origin: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Xia

Scholar Li is always impeccably dressed and well manicured. His bookstore in Bi’an does only a modest business so the strain of his wardrobe is sometimes considerable. He is considered by many to be something of a playboy and a frequent customer of many of the upscale brothels. Despite his foibles, Li also has a sharp mind and a passion for history. He typically carries a short bamboo stick that he has been seen wielding to deadly effect.


Scholar Li’s teacher was Golden-Ink Chun, one of the four masters of Dancing Ink Calligraphy School. More than a decade ago the school was stormed by the Dukes troops, and Scholar Li’s master was killed in the resulting struggle. To this day no one knows why the Duke closed the school so violently, but the heavy chains lie upon its gates even to this day. Scholar Li is determined to find out why.

Scholar Li

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