Red Hawk

The Thunder Guard


Name: Ran Shi
Jianghu Name: Red Hawk
Sect: The Thunder Guard
Profession: Warrior
City of Origin: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Qiuren

A young and handsome warrior with a perpetual look of worry on his face. He carries a 9-ring saber with a brass skull on it pommel. He and his banner men wear red cloaks, which often look the worse for wear. His banner is a red hawk flying upon a field of gold.


The Red Hawk Escort Agency was once much more successful than it is today. Ranshi’s father fell on hard times toward the end of his career, getting in heavy debt to the Hundred Flowers, and drinking up what profits the triads didn’t take for themselves. When at last he couldn’t make ends meet his body was found floating in the bay. Now that Ranshi has inherited the banner, he is doing his best to turn things around- but already the triads are leaning on him- letting him know that he inherited his fathers debts too.

Red Hawk

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