League of Yellow Earth


Name: Yi Xuan Yuan
Jianghu Name: Mosquito
Sect: League of Yellow Earth
Profession: Courtier
City of Origin: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Xiaren

Mosquito is a beautiful young maiden from an ancient noble family, in the courts of the south she is indistinguishable from the many beautiful maids in attendance. Where she truly stands out is at night, when she dons peasant garb and tried to blend into the mean streets of Bi’an. The scarf over her face does little to hide her flawless skin and large, sparkling eyes- despite her best efforts to look common- she is decidedly uncommon. She carries a flute, that in her hands becomes as deadly as any sword and can fire hidden darts in a pinch.


Xuan Yuan always wanted to make a difference, never content with the easy life of a noble lady, she has struck out in secret to help those less fortunate. Many on the streets of Bi’an, good and evil, found her do-gooder ways an annoyance, from which they bestowed the name “Mosquito”. Rather than be insulted, she took the name to heart, and became the high pitched buzzing in the ear that just won’t go away. The League of Yellow Earth quickly saw what an asset she could be, and taught her the skills she needed to stay alive on the crime riddled streets of the City of Gates. During the day she works tirelessly with charities to feed and house the poor, at night she prowls the streets making sure no one takes that away…


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