League of Yellow Earth


Name: Xiao Xi
Wulin Name: Magpie
Sect: League of Yellow Earth
Profession: Wanderer
City of Origin: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Gaoren

Magpie is easily mistaken for a bundle of sticks wrapped in rags. There is a comely your girl hidden under all that grime that very few have seen. She carries two ancient bronze sabers with strange markings dating from the Spring Dynasty. Her companion since losing her sister is a massive wolf named “Bear”. Although she might appear an easy mark- Bear has a way of changing peoples minds.


Magpie’s memories are a jumbled mess. She remembers the long journey with her family, the armored men who beat their gongs and rang their bells to scare away the Jiangshi, or hungry dead. But there were so many…

She remembers running through the forest with her little sister in tow, but they were so much faster…

Something came out of the darkness and saved her and her sister, something made FROM the darkness…

All it asked in return was to be called Niang, or “mother”.

Magpie has no idea how long she and her sister lived in the wilderness with Niang. Her clear memories don’t begin until the man in the mask came, he drove away mother and took her and her sister away. They were taken to a monastery and given into the care of the monks there. Magpie liked the monks, but her little sister did not- she missed mother. They could hear Niang out their in the wilderness calling to them, Magpie’s sister urged her to run away, and grudgingly she agreed. When they reached the edge of the city Niang was waiting, but something made Magpie hesitate- her sister did not. Niang disappeared with her sister and she was left utterly alone. She made her way back to their old home in the wilderness, but they were gone, what she did find were two ancient bronze sabers. She doesn’t remember how she learned to use them, but she knew she could. She journeyed back to the city and was eventually taken in by the League of Yellow Earth who cultivated her prowess even further. She has made a name for herself among the poor and downtrodden as a champion of the oppressed, but she still wanders the wildness at times where she sometimes hears her sisters voice- a voice she fears- no longer belongs to the realm of the living.

Art Copy Right Hugh Alan 2016


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