Lady Silk

Hundred Flower Triads


Name: Unknown
Wulin Name: Lady Silk
Sect: Hundred Flowers
Profession: Courtier
City of Origin: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Gao

Lady Silk dresses for ease of movement more than she does for effect. She wields her twin leather whips with accuracy and devastating effect. Her body shows the many scars of her hard life, as does the set of her jaw. She laughs easily, and smiles often, and when she stops- those who know her leave quickly and quietly.


Lady Silk is the second in command to Master Chrysanthemum over the triads in Bi’an. She oversees all of the brothels and many of the gambling houses in Bi’an, she is charming, beautiful, and very deadly. She dresses however she feels, often in mens clothes or little at all- she refuses to bow to society, men, or anyone. She bears the many scars of her rise to power with pride, and she squashes all opposition mercilessly. She is known to have a soft spot for young girls who can’t be reigned in, she enjoys showing them a different kind of life and her entourage is composed of several promising young heroines.

Lady Silk

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