Jade Dragon/Jade Phoenix

Sisters of Phoenix Lake


Name: Ming Xia
Jianghu Name: Jade Dragon/Jade Phoenix
Sect: Sisters of Phoenix Lake
City: Bi’an
Ethnicity: Chunren

Ming Xia (or Shining Knight) is the most famous opera performer in all of Bi’an, or perhaps the two most famous. Ming Xia is two people; sometime she appears as the beautiful and alluring Jade Phoenix, and at other times the handsome and dashing Jade Dragon. It is well known that Ming Xia has entertained lovers under both guises, and wagers have reached record amounts as to the true gender of the ‘shining knight’. In both guises Ming Xia has had to fight off attackers hell bent on winning their wager, most leave more than just disappointed, for the Shining Knight is an expert swords person. As either the Jade Dragon or the Jade Phoenix, Ming Xia appears in the most expensive clothing money can buy accentuating those piercing green eyes and always carries the sword, “Silver-Shrike”.


There is no bigger star in the City of Gates than Ming Xia, as either the Jade Dragon or the Jade Phoenix, there is always a small crowd of admirers and hangers on. Ming Xia has become famous by cultivating a air of mystery that has captivated the entire city. But more than just a performer, Ming Xia is the center of an information network that keeps the Sisters of Phoenix Lake very informed of all the doings of their sister city. Perhaps only the League of Yellow Earth is better informed. Ming Xia loves fighting duels, and finishes them with flourish and panache that often makes bitter enemies of the loser. As wagers get higher, and enemies more plentiful, many worry the Jade Phoenix/Dragon will bring ruin down on him/herself and everyone around him/her.

Jade Dragon/Jade Phoenix

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