Ghost Orchid

Society of the Secret Fire

  • Name: Li Mi Tian
  • Jianghu Name: Ghost-Orchid
  • Sect: Society of the Secret Fire
  • Profession: Doctor
  • City of Origin: Bi’an
  • Ethnicity: Qiuren

The Ghost-Orchid is well known among the darker and more dangerous streets of Bi’an. A ghost who appears from no where, dressed all in white like death itself, yet blending seamlessly with the shadows. Often, all that is heard is the crack of her black whip, electrified with the crackle of her “Heaven’s Fire” lightning. When she is glimpsed, she is dressed in a long white cloak with the hood drawn, and a white scarf conceals most her face- although rumors say that those who have seen it, call it beautiful.


Li Mitian was born to a well known Xia doctor in Bi’an. Her father was also a champion of the Society of the Secret Fire that met at the Dancing Ink Calligraphy School. Her childhood would have been an ideal one, until the night she walked home with her older brother… something came from the shadows and took him, and all she could remember were their grinning devilish faces. She was only six at the time, and her brother ten. Her father seemed to take the loss of his heir hard, he grew sick soon after, and within a year was dead. Mitian’s care fell to that of her aunt, a caring but stern lady who insisted on perfection in anything Mitian did, from folding the laundry, to perfect manners among her guests, to mastering the Infinite Brush-Strokes kung-fu. She was an apt pupil, and for the most part fulfilled her aunt’s wishes, but a part of her chaffed under so much rule- and she had a burning need to find out what happened to her brother.

She began to sneak out at night, and on some occasions she would come across elements of the city that might look to take advantage of young girl by herself, and here her aunts kung-fu served her well. She would also sometimes find herself using her skills to assist others. She began to make something of a reputation for herself, and enemies. The tong ambushed her not far from her aunt’s home, and despite her skills there were too many of them. She might have been killed, except someone else was following the tong. They call her Lady Silk, she was an enforcer of the Hundred Flowers triads. Lady Silk was amused by the young girls heroism, and she had a soft spot for girls with backbone. She saved Mitian that night and became her second mentor, teaching her the whip and how to move unseen, and perhaps most important- to keep her identity a secret.

Mitian is often torn between her two masters, she feels a familial obligation to the aunt that raised her, but she is also drawn t the exciting life Lady Silk leads. She has begun to uncover secrets about Bi’an, and the mysterious Jin-Mo, assassins hiding behind devil masks… like the ones who took her brother.


Art Copy Right Hugh Alan 2016

Ghost Orchid

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