Flock of Ravens

Still Waters Alliance


Name: Kurai
Wulin Name: Flock of Ravens
Sect: Still Waters Alliance
Profession: Priest
City of Origin: Yazi
Ethnicity: Xiongnu

The sinister appearance of Flock of Ravens leads most to keep away, those who have the courage to come closer feel the icy chill that emanates from him and change their minds. He is covered with the ancient markings of his people, and he wears the cloak of black feathers that marks him as a Ghost-Shephard. His horse is black and trained as a colt to not fear the scent of the Yin world. At his side is the massive nine-ringged saber that has cleaved both the living and the dead.


Past the Silk Wall and in the vast Plains of the White Tiger, there is no Guild presence to attend to the unquiet spirits and hungry dead that arise. But among the Xiongnu tribes there are the “Ghost-Shepherds”, who guide lost souls along their journey and ward against the unquiet spirits that linger. Flock of Ravens is just such a shepherd. Raised from an early age to dwell as much among the yin world as the yang, he has grown long accustomed to the fear and unease he engenders among his fellow tribe members, the path of the shepherd is a lonely one- until he met her….

She was the winter-wife to the head of his clan, born among the Dongren and married to the chief as part of the Still Waters Alliance in the north. Loyalty prevented any sort of relationship beyond the purely formal, but he couldn’t help but be fascinated by such a lovely creature that could see the things that he could. When it came time for her to honor her obligation to meet with the other winter-wives in Chaofeng, she requested that Flock of Ravens be her escort. Uneasy, because of his feelings for her, he nonetheless stepped forward to perform his duty.

The tiny pale girl on the road looked helpless, but the black skulled demon that stepped from the shadows behind her cut through the honor guard effortlessly. Flock of Ravens had never sensed such powerful Yin energies. The creatures hurled him into the nearby rock range with bone shattering force. He watched in horror as the pale girl on the road overpowered his ladies magics and drove the cruel knife into her heart, but the real cruelty came next when she drew her spirit from her body and inhaled it into her own. When the girl saw him watching, and the pain etched on his face she laughed- an ordered her demon to kill him. The nine foot demon towered over him, reaching down to grab him effortlessly around the throat and lifting him high into the air. Flock of Ravens stared into those empty black sockets and sensed its hesitation. “Free me,” it whispered before hurling him over the cliff and into the icy river far below…

He has sense learned the girls name, “Pale Orchid”- and he will not return to his tribe until she is dead, and the spirit of his charge is freed.

Artwork Copyright Hugh Alan 2016

Flock of Ravens

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