Black Crane

Ghost-Eaters Sect


Name: Ku Fu
Jianghu Name: Black Crane
Sect: Ghost-Eaters Sect
Profession: Mystic
CIty of Origin: Qiuniu
Ethnicity: Gaoren

Black Crane often appears as a waddling corpulent old man, with thin stick like arms and legs dangling from a massive fat body, even his face is gaunt and sallow, and one is left with the impression that he suffering from some kind of bloating disease. The truth is that he is as thin as a scarecrow, but keeps two child sized hungry ghosts strapped to his body named Yi Ling and Er Ling. He carries a rusted and beaten old straight sword that is both deadly and poisoned. He wears a straw hat concealing most of his features and speaks in a wheezing voice.


Black Crane began as a priest of the Temple of the Four Winds, but his life changed forever when he met the beautiful and graceful Lady Cloud. When it came time to take his vows, he left the temple and proposed to Lady Cloud the same day. Lady Cloud regretfully informed him that her heart belonged to another- Willow-Reed Wu- his martial brother! Enraged, Black Crane challenged him to a duel and lost, humiliated he disappeared into the north for many years. In Baxia, he learned the forbidden arts of necromancy from the Pale Orchid herself, and joined the ranks of the Ghost-Eater Sect. Obsessed, he determined that if he could not have Lady Cloud in life, he would have her in death. For years he waited, some small decent part of himself loved her enough not to rob her of any happiness while she lived. When she finally passed, his long awaited vengeance was at hand. He reacquainted himself with his lost martial brother, pretending to beg his forgiveness. The two rekindled their old friendship and met each week to play chess. Secretly, Black Crane applied rare poisons to the chess pieces that slowly began accumulating in the Willow-Reed Wu’s body. When Wu’s sickness caused him to announce his retirement from the Jianghu, Black Crane knew it was time for the final stroke. He would kill his rival and steal the soul of his lost love.

Black Crane

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