Washing of the Hands
The Retirement of Sickly Wu


“Willow-Reed” Wu, more often called "Sickly Wu now, has announced his retirement from the Wulin and will wash his hands in the golden basin, signifying his leaving the martial world. Wu has been a renown master of the Society for the Secret Fire for many years, although in recent times his health has taken an inexplicable turn for the worst. As his health has declined he has lost several high-profile battles that have earned him the unfortunate moniker of “Sickly Wu”. The last several years have seen him become more and more reclusive, and few have been permitted to visit him at his Five-Willows Pavilion.

When his retirement was announced, he asked his Wulin brothers and sisters to remember him as he once was, and not the sick old man he has become. So it was decided amongst the various masters to send young heroes to witness the ceremony, so that his peers would not see him in his infirmary. And so you have been chosen to represent your sect at the retirement of a once great master who has been in unfortunate decline.

Scrolls of the Wulin Sage
Ghosts of Yin-Jin



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