In the ancient land of Yin-Jin, death is broken…

More than a hundred years ago, the last Autumn King went mad. He drove an army through the Yellow Gates and deep into the underworld, he tore the courts of the Yama Kings asunder and killed the lord of the dead with his own sword- impaling him upon the Wheel of Reincarnation itself.

Now the dead lie unquiet in their graves and souls lose their way to their next life. The lands a rife with hungry dead, lost souls, and unquiet spirits. When the Autumn King shattered the Yellow Gates he unleashed a catastrophe across the land, earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms. Outlying towns and villages were abandoned in favor of the eight great cities whose geomantic design repelled unquiet spirits, and whose armies could stop the roving hordes of hungry dead.

As some measure of stability gradually returned, the Eight Cities grew more and more crowded- full of secret societies, cults, and criminal gangs. The hidden world of the wulin, or “martial forest”, grew up around these as heroes and villains established their own codes of conduct, both chivalrous and wicked.

Yin-Jin means “Land of Shadows” and is a dark and haunted place, full of intrigue and secrets, where martial artists fight for prestige among the powerful secret sects of the Wulin, and the horror of a world full of the hungry and unquiet dead.